Friday, October 28, 2016

Diwali Recipes | Diwali Sweets & Snacks | 30+ Diwali Recipes

Wish you all a happy & safe Diwali.This page have the collection of 30+ sweets and snacks recipe for Diwali festival.The time taken to prepare this items varies from 10 mins to 2 hrs. To check the detailed recipe, click on the particular image.


 Savoury Items

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder | Gulab Jamun | Diwali Sweets

Gulab Jamun and Murukku are the two dish without that Diwali is not complete in our home. I remember that in one diwali, due to some other outside chores  Amma couldn't able to make Gulab jamun on the day before diwali. On Diwali day, i kept on pestering her and finally around 8 PM she made the gulab jamun. Still i feel the same way and i make gulab jamun on every diwali without fail.
As i have already posted the Khoya Jamun and Store brought mix recipe, i thought of making milk powder jamun for this year. It's way better than store brought mix and it's  almost as soft as khoya jamun. Give a try to this easy way of making home made jamun for this diwali and enjoy with your family. 

Gulab Jamun with Milk Powder

Preparation Time : 10 mins+2 hrs soaking time | Cooking Time : 20 minsMakes : 22 Jamuns 
Recipe Category: Sweets | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Milk Powder - 1 cup
Curd - 2 tbsp
Baking Soda - a fat pinch
Maida/All Purpose flour - 11/2 tbsp
Oil/ Ghee - 1 tbsp
Oil - for deep frying
For Sugar Syrup
Sugar - 1 1/4 cup
Water - 1 3/4 cup
Cardamon - 2
Saffron - few strands

In a bowl, add milk powder, baking soda and all purpose flour , mix well till all ingredients incorporated well.Add oil(1 tbsp) & curd into milk powder mixture, mix it well with your hands, then add enough water and make a smooth dough. Don't knead well, mix till all ingredients became single mass. Let it aside for 5 mins, then make small balls from the dough.In the mean time, add sugar and water in a pan for making sugar syrup, let it bring to boil and then add crushed cardamom and saffron.Let it boil for 5 mins and the syrup turns light yellow in color, switch off the flame and keep it aside. In another sauce pan, heat oil for deep frying jamun.When  the oil is medium heated (if you drop a piece of dough, it takes fews to come up), add the jamun and with laddle, rotate the jamun for even coloring.Once the jamun is browned,drain the jamun from oil  and place it on tissue paper, within few secs, transfer into sugar syrup. Do the same for the remaining jamun and let it soak for atleast 2 hrs. Tasty & soft jamun is ready.
  • Curd and baking soda is must for soft jamun.
  • Both Jamun and Syrup should be warm,it helps jamun to absorb sugar syrup well.
  • While make balls from the dough, dont give too much pressure, it will leads to hard jamun.
  • The oil shouldn't be smoky at any time of cooking jamun.
  • I have number setting in my stove top and i use 4 throughout the cooking process of jamun, that means in between low and medium.
  • If the jamun becomes brown within a sec, it means your oil temperature is high, reduce it and proceed, Other wise the inside of the jamun will be raw.
  • It takes minimum of 3- 4 mins to cook one batch of jamun.
  • The cooking time varies depends on the size of the jamun.
  • Rotating the jamun  while cooking helps to get even coloring.
  • Grease your hands with ghee or oil while rolling the balls.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mullu Murukku | Murukku | Diwali Recipe

Diwali without murukku? Never. So here comes the tasty and crunchy mullu murukku recipe.In south india, there are so many varieties of murukku,mostly they are made with rice flour. Depends on the dal powder you're using and how you make the murukku shape, the name of murukku varies.

Amma always make urad dal murukku, to me, it's the most tastiest murukku. But in this mullu murukku, moong and chana dal are used and i had no idea how it would taste.So when i first tried this recipe, made a small batch with store brought flour  and i was amazed by the result and it's crunchiness. Now a days, i'm making this regularly for our evening snack. Either with store brought rice flour or with home made rice flour, the murukku will turn out so tasty and crunchy. 

Mullu Murukku

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 1.5 hrs minsMakes : 45 to 50 Murukku 
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Home made Rice flour - 3 cups
Moong Dal - 1/2 cup
Chana Dal - 1/4 cup
Butter - 2 tbsp
Sesame seed - 1 tsp
Cumin seed - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

Dry roast the moong dal and chana dal till it becomes golden brown. Let it cool completely. Put it in mixie jar and grind into smooth powder.In a large bowl, add rice flour and sieve the dal flour & add  into rice flour. Discard the large granules of dal powder.Now add cumin seed , sesame seed and salt.Mix it well.Add the melted butter and mix well with the flour like bread crumbs. Then add enough water,knead it with your hands and make the smooth dough.Let it rest for 10 mins. Use the star press in the murukku maker and fill the murukku maker with dough and close it.Heat the pan with oil for deep frying the murukku, in a flat laddle, squeeze the murukku in concentric circles as shown below.Once the oil is heated well(if you drop a piece of dough, it should come on top immediately), transfer the pressed murukku into hot oil.Add more depends on the size of your frying pan,fry it till the "shh" sound stops. Drain the murukku from oil and place it on tissue paper.Do the same for the remaining dough. Tasty & crunchy murukku is ready.
  •  I make 3 or 4 concentric circles in the murukku.
  • If the dough breaks while pressing, add few tbsp of  water in the  dough and knead it, then use it.
  • If you make more concentric circles, then there is a chance of bend in the edges of the murukku while frying.
  • I used both cumin seed and sesame seed for flavor, but you can use either one of this too.
  • Butter gives great crunchiness to the murukku.
  • Must sieve the dal powder to ensure smooth dough.
  • I tried it with store brought flour too, the taste is more or less same, so you can use store brought flour too.
  • If the rice flour have lumps, then sieve it to remove lumps.
  • Keep the dough covered to avoid the dryness on the top.
  • If you're making in large quantity, instead of adding water to the whole flour, adding little by little water to the required flour and pressed into murukku and repeat the same for the rest of the flour.It helps to avoid the dough to become dry.

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