Monday, May 25, 2020

Egg Dum Biryani | Muttai Biryani

Egg Dum Biryani is a flavorful & scrumptious biryani recipe made with exotic Indian herbs, rice and boiled eggs. I have an egg biryani recipe already here where rice is cooked separately and mixed with aromatic masala and eggs. But the recipe that i'm sharing is similar to how i had made vegetable dum biryani and fish biryani.  Like i said in all my dum biryani recipes, this egg biryani is also so flavorful and the rice grains are so perfectly cooked neither mushy not under done. 
For a change, today i have used ponni rice for this biryani, but had tried with basmati rice many times before, it tastes awesome with both varieties of rice, so pick your favorite rice for this biryani. This biryani doesn't have any meat in it, therefore we have to add little more whole garam masala spices for recreating that exotic biryani flavors. So in addition to the whole garam masala in the tempering, i would recommend to add some garam masala powder also. If you have followed me for long time, you would have knew already that if had used whole garam masala in the tempering, usually mentioned the garam masala powder as optional for whose need more flavor. But for this recipe, adding both helps to elevate the flavor.  
Here, our days are getting longer and longer day by day, the sky is bright even after 9 pm and before 5 am as of now, it's kind of feel like living in day light all time. Does anyone feel like this when spring season starts?? Like snow, leaves fall & sprouts again, this phenomenon of having day light after 7 PM is always fascinating me, guess these kind of excitement never fades away since i was not used to this when growing up.  Ok.,now let's check out how to make this delicious egg biryani.

Egg Biryani | Muttai Biryani

Preparation Time : 40 mins | Cooking Time : 25 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Biryani | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Egg Biryani, Muttai Biryani, Egg Dum Biryani, Biryani Recipe,Indian Biryani,One pot Rice Recipe Egg Dum Biryani is a flavorful & scrumptious biryani recipe made with exotic Indian herbs, rice and boiled eggs.
Ponni/Basmati Rice - 1/2 cup
Boiled Eggs - 3
Onion(medium) - 1
Tomato - 1/2( medium size)
Ginger garlic paste  - 1/2 tbsp
Lemon - 1 tsp
Mint & Coriander leaves - handful
Turmeric powder - pinch
Red chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Green Chili - 1
Garam masala - 1/2 tsp
Cloves - 2 
Cinnamon - small piece
Cardamom - 1 
Bay leaf - 1 
Kalpaasi - a small piece
Ghee  - 1/2 tbsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Water - 1 cup
Curd - 2 tbsp
Salt- to taste
To marinate the eggs
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - a pinch
Red chili powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt - to taste

First soak the rice for 40 mins. Cut the boiled egg vertically into two and marinate it with the ingredients listed under "To marinate the eggs" and set it aside for 20 mins.
Cut the onion into thin slices, eggs into small pieces and slit the green chili. Heat a thick bottom pan( here i'm using my cast iron pan) with 1/2 tbsp of oil and add half of the onions with pinch of salt &  saute the onions in medium flame till it's dark brown. Remove from the pan and set it aside.In the same add the eggs with yolk side down and cook them it it's golden brown and flip into other side and cook for 30 secs. Remove from the pan and let it aside.Add the remaining 1/2 tbsp of oil into the same pan then add whole gram masala spices(cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bayleaf & kalpaasi).Saute it in oil for 30 secs, then add the onions, curry leaves, green chili & ginger garlic paste. Cook till the onions are soft.Next add the tomatoes ,finely chopped mint & half of coriander leaves ,curd & spice powder(turmeric, red chili & garam masala powder) give a good mix.Cook till the tomatoes are mushy and then add the water.Next add the salt and bring into boil & drain the water from the soaked rice and add into boiling water.Finally squeeze the lemon juice, give a good mix, cover it with lid  & let the rice cook for 5-8 mins.When the rice is almost cooked and the water is almost absorbed add the eggs on the top and ghee.Cover it with lid and put on some weight on the top and keep the flame in low for 10 mins and switch off the flame and let it covered for 15 more mins. Then open the lid and add the sauted onions and coriander leaves.Mix well and it's ready to serve. We had it with onion raita & cauliflower fry. For more rice and biryani recipe, check out here

  • For today's recipe, i have used ponni rice, but tried it with basmati rice also for many times, both tastes good for this biryani, so use whatever you like.
  • Don't over cook the eggs otherwise it becomes rubbery.
  • Highly recommend to add kalpaasi for this biryani.
  • Make sure to use pot/pan has heavy bottom otherwise it's easily get burned at the bottom.
  • Adding ghee at last gives great flavor to the biryani.
  • To avoid the escape of steam, you can use any weight on top of the lid. If your lid is flat, even pot filled with water works fine for making dum effect.
  • Don't open the pot at once when the stove is switched off, keep it covered at least for 10 - 15 mins before opening the pot.

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Masala Vada | Pattani Paruppu Vadai

Masala Vadai, a crunchy & delicious deep fried savory snack made from split yellow peas and aromatic Indian spices. There are so many variations in making this masala vadai. In today's recipe, i'm sharing the basic version of masala vadai, it tastes good with a cup of tea or as accompaniment for your special day meal. 

Back in days when we were school goers, Amma used to make paruppu vadai/masala vada with chana dal and we used to call it as "Aama vadai"/ஆமவடை (honestly don't know the reason for the name ) and it's my favorite and like it more than the medu vada/uluntha vadai. On those deepavali days, i was the one who finishes off all the aama vada. 

Though aama vadai/ஆமவடை tastes so good, it doesn't stay crunchy for longer hours like the one we got from the tea shop/restaurant. The key to the restaurant style crunchy paruppu vada is the use of the split yellow peas/pattani paruppu not the chana dal/kadala paruppu. Once knew the secret ingredient , i have been using pattani paruppu/split yellow peas only for making the masala vada . Over the past several years away from home country, i have easy access to the split yellow peas(even walmart/local store carries this in their regular grocery section) than the chana dal, that's the another reason for me using split yellow peas for masala vada.

If you're from South Tamilnadu, you might already knew about another type of vada known as  kara vadai those are made from the combination of chana dal, yellow split peas and urad dal. I have been trying to remake the kara vadai at home for a while now but still  couldn't recreate the exact texture and taste. Once i knew the knack, shall share the recipe here. 

Ok, now coming back to today's recipe, it's such a fool proof vada recipe that even beginners can make this delicious vada without any fuss. Make sure to soak the Pattani Paruppu/Yellow Split Peas for at least 2 hrs and grind into coarse mixture, those are the only two things to be taken care for scrumptious & crunchy masala vada. Now, let's check out on how to make this vada.

Masala Vada | Pattani Paruppu Vadai

Preparation Time : 2 hrs | Cooking Time : 15 minsMakes : 10 small vadai 
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Masala Vadai, Pattani Paruppu Vadai, Paruppu Vadai, Vadai, Evening Snacks, Savory Snack,Kara Vadai Masala Vadai, a crunchy, delicious deep fried savory snack made from split yellow peas and aromatic Indian spices. There are so many variations in making this masala vadai. In today's recipe, i'm sharing the basic version of masala vadai, it tastes good with cup of tea or as accompaniment for your special day meal.
Pattani Paruppu/Split Yellow Peas  - 1/2 cup
Onion - 1(small)
Ginger - 1 inch
Fennel seed - 1/2 tsp
Red chili - 3 
Curry leaves - few
Coriander leaves - few
Salt - to taste
Oil - for frying

Soak the pattani paruppu for 2 hrs . First in a blender/mixie jar, add ginger, red chili & fennel seeds and grind into coarse mixture.Next drain the water from soaked peas and add into the mixie jar and grind into coarse mixture and add into a bowl.Chop the onions into small pieces and add into the grounded peas along with curry leaves, coriander leaves and salt. Mix it all well together. Take equal amount of vada mixture and make a ball(I found this way easy to flatten the vada later, but making ball is totally optional step.)Heat the oil for frying, flatten the vada batter and add into oil gently. Cook it on medium flame until it's brown and crispy. Drain from oil and place on tissue paper. Tasty Masala Vada is ready. For more tea time snacks and chaat items, check out here 
  • Cook it in low medium flame for crunchy vadai.
  • Grind the soaked peas into coarse mixture for crunchy vadai
  • Fennel and ginger gives great flavor to the vada. Highly recommend to use that to recreate tea shop style masala vadai.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pomegranate Milkshake | Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Milkshake, delicious drink made from pomegranate seeds and milk.In general, i like to eat fruits as it is, making juices/smoothies/milkshakes with fruits excepts citric fruits are very rare at my home. Only make them when there are in bulk or need something to drink along with my morning sandwiches. I would like to document such a rare thing here  for future reference. Nothing special in the recipe, regular milkshake with fruits, milk and sweetener. 
In my opinion, all kinds of edible fruits are good to our health in one way or another unless we're prone to anything in particular, so adding lot of sugar in fruit juice seems as crime to me for making the healthy food as unhealthy. No offense !!! just my thoughts, therefore i'm always using natural sugar like honey or maple syrup in moderation for my drinks. Those who knew me personally could laugh by the lines i had said before, because i have such a strong sweet tooth, but somehow i can't withstand the idea of drinking juices/smoothies with lot of sugar. Ok, now let's see how i have made this pomegranate milkshake.

Pomegranate Milkshake

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Milkshake | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Pomegranate Juice,Pomegranate Milkshake,Pomegranate Smoothie,Summer drinls, Pomegranate Milkshake, delicious drink made from pomegranate seeds and milk.
Pomegranate - 1 small
Milk - 1 cup
Honey/Maple Syrup - as needed

Put everything in a blender and grind them into smooth. Drain the juice to remove the seeds.That's it, Pomegranate Milkshake is ready.
  • Depends on the sourness of the pomegranate, add more or less of sweetener
  • Use chilled milk for great taste.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Restaurant Style Chicken Curry for Roti & Chapati

This Chicken Curry is so simple to make but the taste & flavors are just like the restaurant chicken curry. It comes together faster than take out chicken curry reaches your home. So why do we need take out when we can make such a delicious curry at home, right?? It tastes so good with roti,chapati or with any indian flat bread

In India, every region has its own way of making curries and each has its unique flavor and taste. Indian curries are basically onion & tomato based and flavored with aromatic Indian spices. And for thicken the curry, coconut or yogurt  is used depends on the region. Down south in India, where i'm from, we have abundance of coconut throughout the year, so it reflects in our cooking also, we used to add lot of coconut in our curry for both veg and non-veg recipes.

Curries without coconut are alien to me once and got to know mainly through restaurants only. In most of the restaurant, to enhance the taste and for the richness, little amount of cream is used in the curries, that gives such a silky smooth gravy, mild sweetness and amazing richness to the curry. Couple of tsp of cream makes all the difference. Next for the flavor, as far as i have seen, dried kasturi methi is widely used in restaurant across North America because of the limitation of fresh Indian herbs availability here. Both cream & kasturi methi totally elevates the curry to the whole new level. 

In addition to the usual indian spices, cream & kasturi methi is also recommended to recreate restaurant style Chicken Curry. But if you find it hard to get kasturi methi, you can skip it. Now let's check out how to make this delicious chicken curry.

Restaurant Style Chicken Curry

Preparation Time : 10 min | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Curry | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Chicken Curry, Chicken Curry for roti, Restaurant style chicken Curry, Easy Chicken Curry, Simple Chicken Curry This Chicken Curry is so simple to make and the taste & flavors are just like the restaurant chicken curry. It comes together faster than take out chicken curry reaches your home.
Chicken - 1/2 lb / 200 gms approx
Onion -1(small)
Tomato -1(small)
Green chili -2 
Cinnamon - 1/4 inch piece
Cloves - 2 
Cardamom - 1 
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
Salt - to taste
Coriander leaves - few
Red chili powder - 3/4 tsp
Coriander powder - 2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp
Cream - 2 tbsp
Kasthuri Methi - 1 tsp

First chop the onions, tomato into small pieces, slit the green chili into half. Heat the pressure cooker with oil, add the whole gram masala(cinnamon,cloves & cardamom) in it. Let it fry in oil for 30 secs.Next add the onion & green chili along with pinch of salt. Saute till they are soft, then add the ginger garlic paste and chicken. Saute it in the oil for 2-3 mins or until the chicken turns white on top.Next add the tomatoes and spices(red chili,turmeric & coriander powder). Give a good mix.Then add 1/2 cup of water and cover the cooker with lid and whistle. Cook for 3 whistle or until the chicken is tender and well cooked.Let the pressure in the cooker released itself and open the lid. Add the salt & cream. Bring into lite simmer and finally crush kasthuri methi in between your palms and add into the curry. Simple and tasty Restaurant style chicken curry is ready. Serve it with your favorite rotis. We had it with chapathi. More more non veg recipes, check out here and for more roti recipes, check out here .
  • After adding the cream, don't boil the curry vigorously.
  • The curry is little bit on spicer side because of use of green chili and red chili powder. 
  • For mild spice curry, you can skip the green chilies
  • For more flavor, you can add 1/2 tsp of garam masala at the end.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Cilantro Pesto Vegetable Pizza | Coriander Pesto Pizza

Cilantro Pesto Vegetable Pizza, an easy, delicious & flavorful pizza that would be ready in minutes given that you have pizza dough in hand. Cilantro/ Coriander pesto sauce requires just handful of ingredients and the sauce will be ready in a jiffy. If you like cilantro flavor then you must give this sauce and pizza a try, i'm sure that you would be amazed by its flavor and taste.

Back in days, when we were in Houston, we love the pizza from  "MOD pizza", our favorite pizza outlet. It provides various option for base sauces, toppings & finish sauce. That's where i got introduced to the idea of using pesto and white sauce over pizza and ST love their finishing sauce especially siracha on top of the pizza. It adds nice kick to the pizza. If you're so used to spicy indian food and find pizza as bland, then you must add siracha or any hot sauce over the pizza and try. It's a totally game changer for all spicy lovers!!!

First for the dough, i have used my pizza dough recipe as base and made the dough with a little twist. Instead of using all purpose flour as whole, in today's recipe i have used half of whole wheat flour. Whenever i'm making thin crust pizza, i prefer to add equal amount of all purpose flour and wheat flour for dough. It gives such a crispy crust. But you can follow the same dough recipe without any change also, it also works fine,i have done that so many times.

Next for pesto sauce, since i'm not a big fan of pesto sauce made from basil and it's kind of over powering flavor to me, i prefer to make pesto from my favorite herb, cilantro/coriander leaves. It's absolutely lip smacking and good on anything like sandwich, pizza or pastaI would rather prefer pesto sauce over the regular tomato sauce on my pizza whether it's from pizza outlet or home made. 

Finally for the toppings, I would recommend vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum/bellpepper, sweet corn, spinach, mushroom, pineapple. With just any one of the  toppings or combination of any veggies that i have listed above would taste good on this pizza. In addition to the above vegetables, we would like to add finely chopped ginger to this pizza for additional flavor and kick. I knew that the ginger is not the standard topping on the pizza, but when it comes to home cooking, there is no rule book !!! you can add whatever your heart and tummy desires, right??

Ok, now let's check out how to make this flavorful Cilantro/Coriander Pesto Pizza 
PS: Step by Step pictures and the final pictures are taken on different days, so there are some variations in the toppings.

Cilantro Pesto Vegetable Pizza

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Pizza | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Cilantro Pesto Pizza, Pesto Pizza, Coriander Pesto Pizza, Healthy Pizza, Vegetable Pizza,Pesto Vegetable Pizza Cilantro Pesto Vegetable Pizza, an easy, delicious & flavorful pizza that would be ready in minutes given that you have pizza dough in hand. Cilantro/ Coriander pesto sauce requires just handful of ingredients and the sauce will be ready in a jiffy.
Pizza dough - 1 
Coriander Pesto Sauce - 1/4 cup
Mix Vegetables - 1/2 cup(sliced)
Mozzarella cheese - 1/2 cup(grated)
Ginger - 1 tbsp(finely chopped)
Parmigiano-Reggiano - 1 tbsp

Preheat the oven @ 425 F 
Keep the dough, sauce and vegetables ready.Roll the dough thinly and place it on the baking tray.Add the sauce and spread it evenly on the crust.Add the veggies one by one and last add the ginger.Finally add the cheeses and bake it the oven for 15 - 18 mins.Tasty Cilantro Pesto Pizza is ready. Add some siracha sauce on top. 
  • Add more or less veggie as per your liking.
  • Cut all the veggies into thin slices for even cooking.
  • Just like veggie, you can add more or less sauce and cheese, it's really up to your choice.
  • Keep an eye on oven after 15 mins since every oven is little different. 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicle | Summer Treats

Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicle, a delicious and healthy popsicle without any artificial sweetener. All you need is some strawberries, coconut milk and honey, throw everything in the blender, puree and pour into popsicle mold and freeze. Yep, it's that simple, your home made strawberry popsicle is ready to devour. 

I had this popsicle recipe in mind for a while to try, so bought a pack of strawberries with the thought of making it last weekend and in the next morning, it started to snow here. Yeah, in May!!! I was brought up with the idea of not eating anything cold even when it's drizzling  outside and now it's snowing!! Had the dilemma but went with my plan anyway and enjoy it after two days when the temperature is bit better :-)    

For the past couple of days, the temperature is so pleasant here to go outside and finally spring is here !! The trees begin to sprout the leaves & buds and it's amazing to witness the whole world around you awakens and slowly everything in grey and black starts to become colorful :-)  I'm from the place(Tamilnadu,India) where autumn and spring are not in our weather seasons, hence i'm always fascinate about these season and after all these years still i'm at awe when the leaves fall and sprouts again!!  

Ok, now coming back to the recipe, the amount of each ingredients used in the recipe is up to my preference. There is no hard rule here  in making popsicle, you can add more or less of any ingredients as per your liking. Use this as guide and make as you like. Now let's check out how i have made this delicious strawberry popsicle. 

Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicle

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsServes : 6 small pops 
Recipe Category: Popsicle | Recipe Cuisine: General
Strawberry Popsicle, Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicle,Popsicle,Summer Treats, Strawberry Coconut Milk Popsicle, a delicious and healthy popsicle without any artificial sweetener. All you need is some strawberries, coconut milk and honey, throw everything in the blender, puree and pour into popsicle mold. Yep, it's that simple, your home made strawberry popsicle is ready to devour.
Strawberry - 1/2 lb
Coconut milk - 1/2 can(around 3/4 cup)
Honey - 2 to 3 tbsp

Trim the top of strawberries and chop them into small pieces. Add into the blender along with coconut milk.Next add honey and grind them into smooth puree. Take the popsicle mold and stick few strawberries on the sides of the mold(it's purely optional).And pour the strawberry puree into the mold and cover it with lid. Freeze it for 6 to 8 hrs.Delicious Strawberry Popsicle is ready.
For more summer treats and popsicle recipe, check out here

  • To remove the popsicle from the mold, keep it under running water for a while or put it in glass with warm water for a while
  • Depends on the sweetness of the strawberry, you can add more or less of honey. Mine was so sweet, so i used 2tbsp of honey only.
  • Instead of canned coconut milk, you can use fresh coconut milk also.
  • For additional flavoring, you can add a dash of vanilla extract.

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