About me

I'm Sandhiya ThirumalaiKumar, person behind this blog from Tirunelveli, currently living in  Longmont,Colorado Hosur, Tamilnadu Bangalore,Karnataka Houston,Texas Dearborn,Michian Ottawa,Ontario with my husband. Like many people, i started cooking after my marriage and discovered my passion for cooking & clicking it.Before marriage, i had never cooked a whole meal all by myself.But now, i love cooking and would like to try everything from scratch.

After marriage,we were in the other side of world, so internet was the only options for recipe reference, that's where  I was introduced into blogging world.I love reading the recipes and watch cooking shows especially varevah shows at that time. And also I have the habit of taking photos of whatever i cook & share it with my family. So one day,my husband (mention him as "DH" or "ST" in my posts) insisted on writing blog. Initially i didn't take it seriously, but he kept insisting me, thanks to him, finally I started my blog on Nov 2011 to record  all my experiments in kitchen.

Most of the recipes i shared here are my mom's recipes. She is great inspiration to me in cooking. Every time, when i'm going to try new recipes,I called her first to check with ingredients & procedure. I always wonder that how she cooks without any measuring cups & still get the same taste every time.

Apart from my mom's recipe, i have collected recipes from cook books,tv shows,fellow bloggers etc and even some times it's my own trial .Though i had my share of few disasters in kitchen, i post only the successful recipes here.So without hesitation, you can try.

And special thanks to my father and brother, who read all my posts and gave their valuable comments. On initial stages of my blog, there was hardly any visitors to my blog, in those days, my brother read all posts and gave comments in most of the posts.It really motivates me to post,so if you like my posts, leave your valuable comments.

Finally i thank all the readers of my blog for their support and valuable comments.

Hope you can enjoy your time here.

-Sandhiya  ThirumalaiKumar
(Email- sandhiyascookbook@gmail.com)


  1. Hi Sandhiya, have been following your blog very closely for a last few months. Very appreciative. I also have a small space of mine - https://madhuriscuisine.blogspot.in/ - Please do visit my space and leave your comment about my work. I have also sent an email to you. Please answer for the same. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Sandhiya, I have been following your blog very closely for the last few months. Nice photos and great recipes. I also have a small space of mine - https://madhuriscuisine.blogspot.in/ - please do visit my space and leave a comment.

  3. வாழ்த்துக்கள்.. என்னுடைய ஸ்ரீவைகுண்ட பாட்டியின் சமையல்கள் தேடிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறேன்.. ஒன்று இரண்டு இங்கே இருக்கின்றன நன்றி.

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.. it's very useful..

  5. Respected Madame,
    I reside in chennai. I came across your recipes and blog.I need a help from you. Do you know anybody / any retail outlets in chennai who prepare ulutham kali for sale so that I can get it for my baby girl (10+ years old). Thanks and Regards,
    Katchapakesan Thamotharan

  6. Sorry, i don't know the details about that, but you can make them easily at home, here is the recipe https://www.sandhiyascookbook.com/2015/07/ulundhu-kali-how-to-make-kali-flour-at.html

  7. Nice write up! All the very best for your future endeavors!

    1. Welcome to my space, Tina. Hope you have a good time here. Thank you.

  8. Hi Sandhiya,
    I found your blog through Facebook and your post about cashew macaroons. I am excited to see your recipes. Is there a particular area of India whose recipes you focus on? Good luck! Alonna

    1. Hi Alonna, Welcome to my page. I'm from Tamilnadu state of India, so most of my recipe are from southern part of India. Hope you have a wonderful time on my little space.

  9. hi
    where do you buy brown coconut for chutney ?
    i tried to buy fresh but they taste like coconut oil!
    can we make coconut chutney from non fresh coconuts ?
    if yes can you pls share your recipe ?