Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Home made Khoya/Mawa/Kova

As i already mentioned in my Gulab Jamun post, i made the khoya/Mawa/kova at home for making gulab jamun.For making khoya, you need lot of patience. It takes little more than 1 hr.

If any recipe calls for more times, usually i keep my laptop in kitchen counter(away from heat) and start watching my favorite shows. It will help to do things easily , but in this recipe, you have to keep the eye on the mixture for last 15 mins.


Milk - 1 liter


In a wide ,non sticky pan, add the milk and heat it, Once it comes to boil, put the flame in low and stir it every 5 mins.

It totally took 1 hr to reach the final stage after the milk comes to boil . For first 45 mins , stir the mixture at regular intervals of 5 mins and removes the sides and add it back to the milk.

For the last 15 mins you have to stir it continuously, otherwise the bottom will get burnt and the whole mixture get waste.

Even i got pain in my shoulder for continuous stirring. But all this worth, when you made the fresh khoya at home.

The color of the mixture starts to change and turns into pale yellow at the end.

Once it leaves  the sides , remove it from flame and transfer into bowl and allow to cool down.

After 2 hrs, the khoya get firm and you can use it for any sweets like gulab jamun. See how the texture changes after 1 hr.

  • Highly recommended to use non stick pan.
  • Before making any sweets, knead the khoya well.
  • You can even refrigerate it and bring it to normal temperature before making any sweets. 

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