Saturday, September 19, 2015

Red Pepper Flakes | Chili Flakes | Crushed Red Pepper

Mostly i bought  chili flakes from the store or use the one that comes with pizza. Recent times, i bake pizza at home frequently, so thought of making chili flakes at home would be useful for making pasta,pizza etc. Its' one of the important condiment in Italian cuisine. Chili flakes have become as standard as salt & pepper in Italian restaurant or any pizza outlet. It is very easy to make at home,let's see the procedure now.

Chili Flakes

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 minsMakes : 1/4 cup 
Recipe Category: Basic | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Whole Red Chili - 25 nos

Remove the stalk from the whole chili, Heat the wide pan, add the chili & dry roast it.Roast it well until it breaks when you fold the chilies. Let it cool, add the chilies(add 6 or 7 chilies at a time) in mixie jar and pulse it 2 or 3 times.  Do the same for the remaining chilies.That's it home made chili flakes is ready.
  • Make sure the mixie jar is dry while pulsing.
  • Pulse it in batch,dont add all at once. 

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  1. Excellent shot, those crushed chilly flakes looks prefect to flavour anything.

  2. Chili flakes are a must for me on my pizza. Thus is a great condiment for pizzas

  3. Making this at home saves so much efforts and money!..good one..

  4. this looks beautiful...the flakes look fiery and great...i also saw a paprika flakes made using the capsicum but this looks lot doable

  5. I am lazy to make this at home :) Easy and must have at home.

  6. Me too I'm very lazy making this at home. Very useful post!!

  7. That is one useful condiment have if you make pizzas at home.

  8. so simple to make at home - why do we even buy right?