Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Creamy Mushroom Soup | Mushroom Soup | Cream of mushroom soup | Kalan Soup

Cream of Mushroom soup, a simple and super creamy soup that you can have it on any time of the day.To be honest, i'm not a soup person, i rarely make at home and even at restaurant i order once in a while. 

But i still remember the first time, i had this soup. When i was working in chennai, Kumarakom restaurant was opened opposite to my office,so one day we went there for team lunch, that time, i had this soup and i loved it instantly.I like the mild flavor and creamy consistency of the soup,later i went to that restaurant many times with my mom, brother and friends, every time, i never failed to order this.

Last week, during our costco shopping, i picked one mushroom packet(it's really a big one), after i had made the usual dish with mushroom, still left with some, so give it a try to this soup, to my surprise, it came well on first time and it's so delicious.Surely will make this often in coming days.

Mushroom Soup

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Soup | Recipe Cuisine: Italian
Mushroom Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Easy Mushroom Soup Cream of Mushroom Soup, a delicious, creamy & easy to make soup just like restaurant taste.
Mushroom soup - 150 gms
Butter - 1 tsp
All purpose flour - 1 1/2 tsp
Garlic - 1/2 tbsp(chopped)
Onion - 1 1/2 tbsp(chopped)
Milk - 1 1/4 cup
Bay leaf - 1
Salt to taste
Pepper powder - to taste
Parsley - few (to garnish)

Thinly slice the mushroom and chopped the garlic & onion and keep everything ready.Heat the butter in a sauce pan, add the bay leaves.
Then add the garlic & onions, saute till the onions become translucent and then add mushroom.
Saute it few mins in the butter, then add the flour, fry  it well in the butter. Add the milk and keep the flame in medium.
Add the required salt & pepper powder and bring to boil and it's becomes slightly thick.Switch off the flame,discard the bay leaves and garnish with parsley.
Tasty & creamy mushroom soup is ready.

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  • I used whole milk, but you can use 2% milk too.
  • Instead of parsley , you can use coriander leaves too.
  • If you prefer,add 1 or 2 tsp of cream for extra richness.
  • After adding the flour, fry it well in the butter, otherwise you get the raw smell of the flour.

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