Monday, November 21, 2016

Onion Uttappam | Vengaya Uttappam | Breakfast recipe

Onion Uttapam, a delicious savoury pancake made with idli/dosa batter and topped with a lot of onions.
It's one of ST's favorites, so i often make them whenever i'm making dosa.

Here in the recipe, i didn't mention the amount for any ingredients, because it's purely personal choice, you can add more or less of any ingredients as per your liking.

And also, you can add coriander leaves, tomato in addition to the onions. But today i have made only with onions. 

Before moving to the recipe, let's check out some of the FAQs

What types of onions are good for Uttapam?
I have used pearl onions, shallots, red, yellow and white onions in my onion uttapam depends on what i have on that day of making. All taste good in their own way. So you can use whatever you have ! 

Why are the onions raw in my Uttapam ?
Here are few things to take care of to avoid the rawness of the onions in the uttapam
  1. Make sure to drizzle oil on the top of the onions.
  2. Thin slices of onions get cooked quickly, so slice them thinly for uttapam.
  3. Always cook uttapam on low-medium flame .
Now let's move on to the recipe ! 

Onion Uttapam

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 5 mins for one uttapamServes :
Recipe Category: Dosa/Uttapam | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Onion Uttapam, Vengaya Uttapam, Tamilnadu Uttapam, South Indian Uttapam Onion Uttapam, a delicious savoury pancake made with idli/dosa batter and topped with a lot of onions.
Idli/Dosa Batter 
Idly podi(Optional)

Chop the onions into small pieces and take required amount of batter.Heat the dosa pan.
Pour a laddle full of dosa batter into pan and spread it gently.Don't spread it too much, it should be like thick pancake.Now add the chopped onion on top of the dosa evenly along with idly podi(if you're using) and sprinkle oil/ghee on the sides of the dosa.
With the spatula, gently press the onion,so that it sticks to the batter well.Let it cook for few mins in medium flame.With the help of spatula, move the dosa to side of the pan, smear some oil/ghee on the center of the pan,then flip the dosa on top of that oil.It helps to cook the onions well.
Cook on other sides in low flame till the onions are well cooked and turns into brown color and then remove it on plate.Serve it with hot sambar & chutney.

Yummy Onion Uttapam is ready. We had it with moong dal sambar & mint chutney.

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  • Once you flip the dosa, keep the flame in low it helps the onions to cook, otherwise, the onions are burnt and also it's raw inside.
  • If you wish, add idly podi along with onions.
  • Instead of big onions, you can use pearl onions too.It's even more tastier.

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