Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chickpeas Pasta | Farfalle pasta in chickpeas sauce

Chickpeas Pasta, a delicious and healthy pasta made from chickpeas sauce. Similar to my peas pasta recipe, this was also inspired from a book by "Giuliano Hazan". 

The idea of this recipe is same as that of peas pasta, instead of peas, here we're using chickpeas.But the flavor and taste is quite different and both are unique in their own ways.

Farfalle pasta in chickpeas sauce

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Pasta | Recipe Cuisine: Italian
Farfalle Pasta - 1/2 cup
Cooked Chickpeas - 1/2 
Onion - 1 small
Tomato - 1 
Garlic - 1
Salt & Pepper - to taste
Olive Oil - 2 tsp
Italian Seasoning - as needed
Chickpeas Pasta, Farfalle Pasta with Chickpeas Sauce Coriander/ Cilantro Pesto Pasta , a delicious pasta made from coriander leaves pesto. Pesto is a sauce originated from Italy and it's usually made with basil leaves.

First bring a pot of water into boil, add salt & pasta and cook the pasta as per the package instructions.
In the mean time, finely chop the onions, garlic  & tomato into small pieces, heat the pan with olive oil and add the onions & garlic. Saute till the onions becomes translucent,then add the tomatoes & saute it till it becomes mushy.
Then add the enough salt & pepper and the cooked chickpeas and saute it in masala for few mins. 
Now add 1/2 of the cooked masala into mixie/blender jar and grind into smooth paste and add it back into the remaining chana masala along with some pasta cooked water.
By the time, the pasta would be ready, so drain it and add into the chana masala.Give a good mix.

That's tasty Chickpeas Pasta is ready.Sprinkle some Italian seasoning while serving.

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