Friday, March 10, 2017

Lunch Menu -1 | South Indian Lunch Thali | Lunch Ideas

After seeing so many thali ideas on blogspere for a while,i too thought of sharing some of the regional famous thali ideas.So when i saw "Thali" theme for this month BM,without further thinking, i signed up immediately.
The first lunch thali recipe is from my home town Tirunelveli. It's a typical thali that we used to make in our home,I think you don't get this type of thali in any restaurant even in Tirunelveli area too.
This South Indian Lunch Menu-1 contains

Usually in our home, we don't include any sweets.But when i prepared this thali, i have some home made athirasam,so i include that as sweet in this menu.It's one of the healthiest thali menu and you can prepare this within 1 hr(without athirasam) including chopping and cooking.
A little explanation on how i prepare this thali
South Indian Lunch Thali -1 
Preparation Time:10 mins ,Cooking time : 50 mins,Serves :2
  • First soak the rice and then chop all the veggie which need to be pressure cooked(like potato,carrot, beans) for aviyal and pressure cook it.
  • While it's cooking, chop tomatoes & onion for pachadi and start preparing the tomato pachadi in the another stove.
  • While the pachadi is getting cooked,chop other veggies for aviyal(like raw plantain,brinjal,drumstick),by the time,the pressure cooker veggies are done,remove from the heat and in that stove,cook the other veggies for aviyal in a open pot/kadai.
  • Then grind the ingredients needed for aviyal and add into it.
  • By the time pachadi would be ready, remove it from the heat, then start preparing ulunthu soru and keep an eye on aviyal side by side.
  • Once the aviyal is done, roast the sesame seeds for thovaiyal and let it cool.
  • Once it's cooled, grind it and also fry the appalam in microwave.
  • By the time, the ulundhu satham also would be ready.
That's it,Healthy & tasty Lunch is ready to serve.

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  1. Delicious and healthy spread indeed!! Love that microwave applam.. will surely try it out!!

  2. Ellu thuvaiyal, Ulundhu saadham, wat a healthy and beautiful spread there, typical dishes.

  3. The entire spread looks very inviting..looking forward to read those recipes..

  4. That's a delicious spread! And I use the microwave too for the papads, a huge time saver and no frying.

    1. Yep, real time saver and i don't want to heat a kadai of oil just for frying appalam :-)

  5. Loved the yummy authentic meal. Almost all dishes are new ...

  6. everything looks so delicious - would love to have this for lunch!

  7. Love the spread. bookmarked the ulundu saadam. yummy and healthy

    1. Yep..So healthy yet delicious, give a try,sure you would love.

  8. Authentic lunch menu. Love the spread.

  9. That is a yummy spread of South Indian thali.

  10. Wow, that is one hearty and nutritious thali. Thanks for sharing this traditional spread.