Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kerala Style Aviyal | Aviyal Recipe

Aviyal , a traditional curry made from mix vegetables, coconut paste & yogurt and finally seasoned with coconut oil & curry leaves . It's one of the  popular dishes in South Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The preparation of this dish is slightly varies from region to region and we used to prepare this dish in our family on all auspicious day. 

And i still remember that few of my friends had visited Tirunelveli to attend one of our colleague marriage and they were surprised by the taste of aviyal served in the marriage feast and also wondered about the amount of coconut used in just one dish.

Yes, in South Tamilnadu, lot of grated coconut is used and mostly we don't use curd in the aviyal. But today i'm gonna share the recipe of kerala style aviyal that i have been eyeing for a while, prepared it last week and relish with some rice and sambar. 

The flavor of this aviyal is quite similar to what we used to prepare in our home, but the consistency is like kootu and pairs well with rice.

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What are the vegetables used in Aviyal ? 

As i said earlier, the recipe for aviyal varies from region to region and even home to home also :-). There is no hard and fast rule here about what vegetables to use in aviyal. 

But traditionally, the aviyal is made with the local country vegetables available in and around South India. So the most common vegetables are drumstick, brinjal, raw banana, senai kizhangu(yam), potato & carrot. 

In addition to that, pumpkin(both yellow and white), peas, board beans and other local roots vegetables like pidi kizhangu, siru kizhangu can also be added.

Basically you can make the aviyal with  just a few vegetables to a dozen vegetables ! 

Kerala Aviyal

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 25 minsServes : 2 to 3 
Recipe Category: Curry | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Kerala Style Aviyal, Aviyal, Aviyal Recipe, Tirunelveli Aviyal, Aviyal , a traditional curry made from mix vegetables,coconut paste & yogurt and finally seasoned with coconut oil & curry leaves .It's quite popular dish in south tamilnadu and kerala.
Carrot - 1 no
Beans/Cluster beans - 6 to 7
Potato - 1 ( medium size)
Banana(raw) - 1/2
Brinjal - 1
Drumstick - 5(1&1/2 inch piece and slit into half vertically )
Channa Dal - 1 tbsp
Curd - 1/4  cup
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
To grind
Coconut (grated) -  1 cup
Green chili - 3
Garlic -1 pod
Cumin seed - 1 tsp
To Temper
Coconut Oil - 2 tsp
Mustard  & urad dal - 1 tsp
Curry leaves - few

First soak the chana dal for 30 mins.Cut all the vegetables into thick stripes . Put all the ingredients listed under "To grind" into mixie/blender jar and grind into smooth paste,keep it aside until use.
In a kadai,heat the water (approx 1 cup) and add the channa dal & the vegetables (potato,beans,cluster beans,carrot).
Once the added vegetables are half-cooked, add brinjal,banana & drumstick. Once the veggies are completely cooked, add the coconut paste.
Mix it well, then add the salt and turmeric powder.
Give a good mix ,let it be in flame for 3-4 mins and switch off the flame.Then add the well beaten curd and few curry leaves. Mix it well.
Temper the ingredients listed under "To Temper" and add into the aviyal. 
Tasty Kerala Style Aviyal is ready.

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  • Add more/less of chilies as per your liking.
  • Always use fresh curd for better taste.
  • Add curd into the aviyal once switch off the flame to avoid the curdling.
  • Coconut oil gives best flavor to the aviyal,so highly recommend to use it.  
  • Use more country vegetables for better taste.You can use broad beans, yam too.
  • As brinjal,banana & drumstick are easily cooked compare to other veggies that i have used in this recipe, so added this veggies later.


  1. Why do you temper avial? Never heard of it

  2. I am from Kerala and we don't use curd in a Aviyal

    1. Yes, in some parts of kerala they don't use curd in Aviyal. Both version tastes good on its own. If you haven't tried this way before, do give it a try. It's really awesome.