Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Butter Murukku | Murukku | Diwali Recipe

Butter Murukku, a tasty, crunchy and flavorful snack made from rice flour. Actually i'm looking forward to this diwali season to make all the sweets and savories, it doesn't mean i won't make it on other time, but it kind of gives festive feel in your home and i love it. 
I had tried this butter murukku few times before, but couldn't get the correct texture. It was bit hard to bite,but still it was tasty. Later i tried with less quantity of besan & more of fried gram flour and it turned out the way i like it. Super crunchy and absolutely delicious !!! If you're looking for some fool proof recipe to try on this diwali, then here it is.

Butter Murukku

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Butter Murukku, Easy Murukku recipe, Murukku Butter Murukku, a tasty, crunchy and flavorful snack made from rice flour.
Rice flour - 1 cup
Besan - 2 tbsp
Fried gram flour(Pottukadalai flour) - 2 tbsp
Butter - 2 tbsp
Cumin seed - 1 tsp
Sesame seed - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - for deep frying

Measure & take all the ingredients in the bowl except butter and oil. Mix all the dry ingredients well, then add the butter.
Mix it with hands until all the butter is well incorporated with the flour, then slowly add the water and make a smooth dough.
Heat the oil for deep frying, in a murukku press, use the star disc and fill the press with the dough and close it.
Squeeze the murukku into the hot oil, cook till it has nice golden color and also the "shh" sound stop by that time, remove from oil and drain it on tissue paper.
Let it cool completely and store it in air tight box. Tasty, crunchy and flavorful Butter Murukku is ready.

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  • Use soft butter,so that it will incorporate with the flour well.
  • Cove the dough always, it helps to avoid become dry.
  • While making pottukadalai flour, make sure that they are fine powder, if it's not sieve it once and use.
  • If the pottukadalai flour aren't fine powder,then there is a chance of murukku bursting in the oil, so make sure that they are super fine.
  • Squeeze little amount of murukku in the oil at a time, the steam from the oil is very hot, so be careful while squeezing.

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  1. I have always liked butter Murukku , but frankly speaking never make it myself , you surely are tempting me to try some .

    1. Give it a try Vaishali,i'm sure,you would love it.

  2. Wow Sandhiya, those Butter murukkus are sinful!..I want some right away..

  3. Butter muruku have come out perfect and yes, all the sweet and savory preparations makes the festive season even more festive.

  4. Murukku look soooo crispy and crunchy. My family would LOVE this.

  5. Feel like munching some, who can resist to this delicious butter murukku.

  6. I am sure these are melt in the mouth kind of murukku!!

  7. wow Sandhya. These butter murukkus looks super tempting!!

  8. Muruku looks just perfect and love your pics.. Very good lighting..

  9. These look so melt in the mouth! I love to make these not just for diwali but also as a regular snack. Wish I was a better time manager to make it often.

  10. I love your tip about adding fried gram dal flour.... will try it next time I make chaklis. I too get the texture turns out a bit hard or too soft if I add extra butter.

  11. I'm feeling ashamed while seeing all the murukku recipes that have been posted all these days. I just love murukku and don't want to share it whenever my aunt brings it. We don't get good quality murukku here. Still lazy me, has not dared to try it till now.
    Want to steal from the pic itself :D

  12. looks yum, perfect snack anytime, the taste of homemade murukku is something different!

  13. Nice tip about adding fried gram flour. Should try this sometime.

  14. can you help me know more about pottukadalai flour,what is it and how to get it / make it?

    1. Pottukadalai flour is nothing but fried gram/roasted chana dal flour. You can get the fried gram dal/pottukadalai/ roasted chana dal from any Indian store, then grind into fine powder in a blender and use it.
      Note: chana dal is not same as roasted chana dal.

  15. This turned out really well. Thanks for the recipe!