Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ragi Idiyappam | Kezhvaragu Idiyappam | Finger Millet Idiyappam

Ragi Idiyappam, an healthy string hoppers made from finger millet flour. If you have follow my blog regularly, you would have know by this time that how much i like idiyappam.

I love all kind of idiyappams that are made from rice flour, wheat flour, beetroot or the one made from rice batter.This ragi idiyappam is the latest additions to my idiyappam list. I have tried this many times with different proportion of ragi & rice flour or sometimes even without rice flour. Each one has slight difference in taste and texture. 
Here i'm sharing the recipe of ragi idiyappam which i like the most both taste & texture wise.Use this as a guide and change the proportion as per your liking. I like this idiyappam with grated coconut & sugar. But you can also have it with sambar and/or even with coconut chutney also, that too tastes equally good.

Ragi Idiyappam

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Ragi Idiyappam, Kezhvaragu Idiyappam, Finger millet Idiyappam, Millet Idiyappam Ragi Idiyappam, an healthy string hoppers made from finger millet flour..
Ragi flour - 3/4 cup
Rice flour - 1/4 cup
Water - 3/4 cup
Sesame Oil - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

Take the rice flour, ragi flour, salt  in a bowl, mix it well, then add the oil and give a good mix. Heat the water in a sauce pan and bring into boil, immediately pour the hot water into the flour and mix it vigorously. 
Once the flour became a single mass, cover it with lid and set aside for 10 mins. After 10 mins when the dough comes to hand bearable temperature, make a smooth dough .
Take a small portion of dough and make it as log. Fill the idiyappam maker with the dough.
Squeeze the idiyappam on greased idli plate.
Place it on steamer and cook it in steam for 6-8 mins. 
Tada, Ragi Idiyappam is ready to serve. 

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  • Depends on the flour quality,you may need more or less water,so always boil extra 1/4 of water.
  • Add little by little of water into flour. If you add more water, then the idiyappam will be sticky. 
  • Sesame oil gives wonderful aroma and i used the same for greasing the plate too.
  • Instead of idli plate, you can steam it in idiyappam plate too.


  1. Oh how I love these string hoppers , and ragi ones look so attractive as well as healthy . I feel like polishing off that plate .

  2. Oh my the pictures are so sinful!..I love these and can have nicely done!

  3. Love this nutritious string hoppers anytime, its been a while i made at home. Healthy steamed food for the sure.

  4. Awesome. Where can I get this string hopper?

    1. Thanks Ganga..Are you asking about the string hopper maker? I got it from India.

  5. Beautiful pictures of a humble dish... looks so tempting...

  6. Awesome! Looks sinfully delicious must make them as hubby loves them.

  7. lovely. with ragi flour really interesting.

  8. oh wow your homemade noodles look so good!

  9. They have come out so well sandhiya. Love this. I relish this with coconut and sugar as well. :)

  10. Why am I seeing many comments from south indians as if they don't know what's idiyappam and it's like some alien rare dish? Abroad settled effect may be. Anyhow your method seem to be different and i will try this one next time for sure. Thanks for this version:-)