Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Bhel Puri | Bhel Chaat | Street food

Bhel Puri , one of the most famous chaat items made with puffed rice and it's quite popular in the beaches across India. To be honest, i'm not big fan of this chaat items, but ST likes it so much, so for his sake, i make them once in a while whenever i have all the ingredients in hands. After making the dahi papdi chaat, i had some left over chutneys, papdi and sev, so  the next day itself i made this bhel puri as evening snack along with tea. ST liked it so much and even i too had few spoons and it was really delicious.Before check out the recipe, if you want to know what i have prepared for yesterday under "Street food" theme, here it is
Day 1 - Dahi Papdi Chaat

Bhel Puri

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsServes : 2 to 3 
Recipe Category: Chaat | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Puffed Rice  - 2 cup 
Papdi - 10 
Potato - 1 (cooked, peeled & cubed) 
Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
Tomato - 1 (finely chopped)
Green Chutney - 2 tbsp
Sweet Chutney - 2 tbsp
Plain sev/Omapodi - as needed
Coriander leaves - few
Cumin powder - 1 tsp
Chaat masala - 1 tsp

Take the chutney(sweet & green chutney), cumin powder and chaat masala in a bowl, mix it well, then add the chopped potato, tomato & onions.Add the puffed rice, mix it well. Then add the plain sev and roughly crushed papdi. Mix it well, finally add few coriander leaves  on top.That's it, Bhel puri is ready.Serve immediately.
  • The given measurement for all ingredients is just for reference, add more or less of chutney  and other ingredients as per your liking.
  • Just before serving, assemble the chaat, otherwise the papdi & sev would be soggy.
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  1. Who doesn't like Bhel? this is a go-to chaat at my place.

  2. Amazing Sandhiya, taking up this theme and preparing the chaat when you are not a big fan is a great thing... Hope you get acquired to it. :-) This is a great idea to use the left over papadis and turn it into bhel. Good one pa

  3. Bhel puri is the first ever chaat recipe i have tried as a kid and im still loving it!! Such a lovey dish!!

  4. Wow, thats seriously incredible that you are dishing out chaat foods though you are not a big fan. Kudos to u. Bhel puri rocks and i just love this dish.

  5. I love the addition of boiled potato like urs in my Bhel ! Perfect food for anytime food cravings

  6. Awesome bhel puri. This is one of my most fav chats and I never miss it whenever we go outing.

  7. Bhel Poori has so many versions , every house has their own version and each version is delicious in its own way . In my house itself I have more than five ! Btw this bhel sounds delicious crunchy munchy bhel ! Would love to have some !

  8. This is one of the easiest chaats to make if we have the chutneys ready. My husband loves this crunchy and delicious Bhel.

  9. We love Bhel and often prepare it in different ways, you have nailed it so perfectly Sandhiya.

  10. Sandhiya how can you resist all the delicious chaat? I love them so much. Our left over puris and chana, potatoes etc all results in bhel the next!. I don't usually add tomatoes but will do so next time.

  11. I love bhel puri and all the other chats too. This one looks so sinful that I won't mind eating two or three bowls.

  12. When I am running out of snack ideas, bhel puri comes to the rescue. Classic chaat and I can eat it anytime of the day!

  13. Bhel looks lovely. One of the easiest and yummiest chaat to make at home.

  14. Bhel looks so inviting and tempting.

  15. Bhel is the king of chaats in my place and a few years back, I used to make this almost every week! The bowl of bhel looks so good!

  16. My favorite chat ever! my hubby teases me whenever i order bhel outside! but a well made bhel makes it an amazing eating experience and plus i believe it is good on the calories too!!! That bowl of bhel looks very tempting dear!