Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Thakkali Chutney | Tomato Chutney | Chutney recipe

Thakkali Chutney/ Tomato Chutney, a delicious chutney made from tomatoes and it makes a excellent pair with idli and dosa. In our home, we have been making this chutney for generations without any change in the recipe. Amma had learnt this chutney recipe from Aachi(Paternal Grandma) and from her, i learnt it recently. While growing up, i didn't like this chutney at all, there was a incident for my dislike. I think around 8 or 9 old, after had this chutney with idli for breakfast, i threw up like anything, after that incident i was paranoid to give it a try on this chutney(definitely chutney was not the reason for my threw up 😏), so whenever Amma makes this chutney at home, for me alone she would make some other chutneys. Again in my 20s only, i started to eat this chutney. Now when i look back into it, i realized how crazy i was then !!! Now back to the recipe, the flavor and the taste of this chutney is different from the regular tomato chutney and this way of making chutney is also quite unique to our area, Tirunelveli, so i thought i would be so apt for the theme "Regional cuisine" and i'm here with the recipe of this yummy thakkali chutney.

Thakkali Chutney | Tomato Chutney

Preparation Time : 1 hr | Cooking Time : 25 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Chutney | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Tomato - 2 
Skinned Urad dal - 1 tsp
Red chili - 2
Grated Coconut - 1/4 cup
Garlic - 1 pod
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1/2 tsp
To Temper
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard & urad dal - 1/4 tsp
Pearl onion - 1(finely choppe)
Curry leaves - few

Heat a kadai with few drops of oil, add urad dal & red chili and roast till the dal becomes golden brown, remove from the heat and transfer to the plate.In the same kadai, add grated coconut and garlic, roast till the coconut becomes golden brown, remove from the heat and transfer to the plate to cool.Again in the same kadai, add 1/2 tsp of oil and then add the tomatoes, rotate the tomato  once in a while till it becomes soft and the skin becomes black here and there.Let it also cool and then remove the skin. In the mixie jar, add all the ingredients except tomatoes and grind into coarse powder.Next chop the tomatoes roughly and then add into the mixie jar along with enough salt. Grind them into smooth paste. Heat the oil for tempering and add the mustard, let the mustard crackle.Then add the urad dal, onion and curry leaves, saute it for 20 secs, then add the chutney and if needed add water as per your liking.Let it comes to boil and then simmer for 5 mins. Tasty and flavorful tomato chutney is ready.
  • While saute the tomatoes, keep the flame in low and it takes minimum 15 minutes to becomes soft, other wise the outer skin easily browned and inner part remains uncooked.
  • Instead of skin urad dal, you can use unskinned urad dal also, but the flavor from skin urad dal is quite unique.
  • Since all the ingredients are dry roasted for this chutney, it stays well for a day in room temperature even on sunny days. 
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  1. Like the idea of charring the tomatoes, would add an additional flavor. Easily one of my favorite chutneys...

  2. That is a nice way of roasting the tomatoes. The chutney must get a nice smoky flavor. So many variations of the humble tomato chutney. Nice one.

  3. Wow! Lovely chutney. Sounds very flavorful as well.

  4. We also make this but mostly don't remove the skin, surely makes a wonderful side dish for tiffin!

  5. like the inclusion of coconut in this version of tomato chutney - as far as I'm concerned coconut makes everything better

  6. Family recipes through generations have a unique nice that you made your peace with it and fell in love with the chutney!! Looks delicious

  7. yummy, this chutney looking so delicious. You captured its beauty so that we can drool over. Wish if this platter I can get.

  8. There was a time my kids didn't like tomato chutney, now they have developed a taste for it and like it. But this chutney of yours, I'm sure, they will fall in love with it

  9. We love the south indian style chutnies with idli, dosa and uttapam and this one with tomato looks so yummy.