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Mini Apple Turnovers with Puff Pastry | Bite Size Pastries

Apple Turnovers, a flaky and crispy puff pastry filled with delicious cinnamon flavored apple mixture inside. This bite size apple pastries are easy to make, delicious and super addictive ! Making apple turnovers from the scratch takes a lot of time and maneuver so let's take the short cuts and make it with puff pastry. 

Why is it called Turnovers ? 

Since I grew up without eating these kind of western pastries, my first thought was why is it called turnover when i first heard the word "turnover" . With my online research I found that turnovers are nothing but individual pies and it's made by folding the sheets with stuffing inside unlike the classic pie hence it's called as turnovers to differentiate from the regular pies.

Mini or Regular turnovers 

I personally like the mini turnovers more than the regular turnovers therefore here i have made these apple turnovers as mini bite sized pieces. But you can follow the same recipe and make the regular size turnovers.

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Puff Pastry 

In this recipe, i have used the "Tender flake " brand puff pastry. I have tried a few other brands of puff pastry also, it all works fine for me. Make sure to use the room temperature puff pastry. It would be easy to roll and shape. Before using the puff pastry, keep it out of the freezer for a couple of hours or keep it in refrigerator overnight 


You can make these puff pastries with pretty much any of your favorite apples. I have made them with gala, honey crisp, granny smith and red delicious. Here in today's recipe, i have used gala apples. Some apples are more sweet than others so depends on the apple sweetness, you may need a little less or more of sugar .So always start off with 3 tbsp of sugar for an apple and increase if you need more. Also, some apples are more juicer than others, so make sure to cook them till it's thick like jam consistency .


Can i use jam instead of making my own filling ?
Yes, of course ! It will make the process a lot easier and you can use any of your favorite jams in this recipe. 

How to Store the leftover

It stays well for 3-5 days at room temperature. After a day, it loses its crispiness but still tastes good. I personally recommend to bake the needed amount only, remaining you can store it in the freezer with the filling inside and bake it whenever needed. 

Egg Wash or Milk Wash 

You can do either egg wash or milk wash for this recipe. Egg wash gives more color to the pastries whereas milk wash doesn't. Since I want to make these turnovers as totally eggless, i'm sticking to the milk wash here.  

How to avoid the filling leakage from the pastries

First, don't overfill the pastries. Here less is more, so just a tsp of filling is enough. Second, make sure to silt the puff pastries on the top. It helps the pastries to puff up evenly and avoid the bubbles in the pastries. 

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Mini Apple Turnovers with Puff Pastry

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 30 minsServes : 16 
Recipe Category: Pastries | Recipe Cuisine: International
Mini Apple Turnovers, Apple Turnover, Mini Apple Turnover,Apple pastries Apple Turnovers, a flaky and crispy puff pastry filled with delicious cinnamon flavored apple mixture inside.
Puff Pastry - 1 
Sugar - 1/2 tsp
Milk - 1/2 tbsp
For Stuffing 
Apple - 1 cup (peeled & chopped)
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Cinnamon powder - 3/4 tsp
Butter - 1/2 tbsp
Lemon juice - 1/2 tsp (optional)

First, let's prepare the filling. Heat the butter in a pan and then add the peeled and roughly chopped apples., saute it in the butter well. 

Cover the pan with lid and cook till the apples start to brown. Then add the sugar and cinnamon powder .

Mix it well, again cover cook till the sugar melts and the apples became soft. Mash it with the ladle gently and once it turns into thick jam like consistency, remove from the flame and transfer into a bowl. 

Let it cool completely. Preheat the oven at 400 F. In the mean time, take the room temperature puff pastry, dust it with flour and roll into rectangular sheets with dimensions of 12*8 inches(approximately). 

Cut into 16 rectangular squares and place a tsp of apple mix in one corner of the cut out rectangle sheets.

Take one end of the sheet and cover the stuffing with it  and then fold the sheet one more time. Refer below pic for better understanding.

Arrange it in the parchment lined baking tray and make a few slits on the top with sharp knife. Then brush the top with milk and sprinkle some sugar. Place it in the oven and bake it at 400 F fro 18-20 mins.
Tasty Mini Apple Turnovers are ready ! 

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  • If the apple is too sweet, add a tsp of lemon juice to balance the sweetness
  • Instead of white sugar, you can use brown sugar also.
  • Make sure the puff pastry is at room temperature before using.

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