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Idiyappam | How to make idiyappam | Rice noodles

Idiyappam, a rice noodles also known as nool puttu or string hoppers originated from south indian states of Tamilandu & Kerala. It's quite famous in Srilanka also. It's one of my all time favorite breakfast and grew up eating on every sunday!!! Idiyappam with mutton kulambu was our sunday's breakfast most of the time back then. Either with simple sugar & coconut or curries like sothi/veg salna, mutton/chicken kulambu, it tastes heavenly delicious with every combo. 

You may aware of making the idiyappam from rice flour. But the recipe that i'm sharing today has used idli rice/puzhungal arisi/parboiled rice for making idiyappam. First we need to make rice batter from idli batter/puzhungal rice, then saute them till it's thick dough and later use that for making idiyappam. This way of making idiyappam from the scratch is quite time consuming and needs little effort but it's all worth in the end. Idiyappam will stay soft for longer hours in this method and the texture is also amazing!!! In general, the idiyappam / kozhukattai made from puzhungal arisi/rice stays softer for longer hours than the raw rice.
Amma always uses this method to make idiyappam as far as i knew and still she does. For quick fix, i do make idiyappam with rice flour. But if i want my breakfast/ dinner to be perfect, i would prefer this method of making idiyappam. 

As we all have non stick pan now, it will be easy to make the idiyappam dough from rice batter without sticking to the pan. But in those days Amma used irumbu kadai(iron pan) for making the dough, the rice batter sticks to the kadai a lot even with continuous stirring and forms a thin crispy rice sheets on the bottom of the kadai and i'm big fan of those crispy rice sheets. While helping Amma in squeezing the idiyappam, i used to munch on those rice sheets. Such a fond memories it is !!! 

Ok, now let see the recipe for  traditional way of making idiyappam.

How to make idiyappam from rice

Preparation Time : 3 hrs | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: South Indian How to make idiyappam, puzhungal arisi idiyappam, idli rice idiyappam,nool puttu,string hoppers,homemade idiyappam,breakfast, idiyappam from rice Idiyappam, a rice noodles also known as nool puttu or string hoppers originated from south indian states of Tamilandu & Kerala. It's quite famous in Srilanka also.
Idly Rice/Boiled rice /Puzhungal Arisi- 1 cup
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Water - required to grind.
Sesame Oil - 2 tsp
Grated Coconut - 1/4 cup (optional )

First soak the rice in water for 2 hrs and then grind into fine batter along with salt in mixie/wet grinder.The rice  batter should be very smooth like butter.Add salt to the batter, mix it well & keep it ready. Next heat the nonstick pan with oil and then add the rice batter.Stir the batter continuously.First it forms lumps here and there in the mixture and then it all  became like a dough and it's moving with your laddle. The dough should be moist and also you should be able to make balls from  the dough without sticking into your fingers. This will take around 4 -5 mins(time varies on the amount of water in your mixture)That's correct stage,remove it from flame Allow to cool till you can handle with your hand. Next fill the  idiyappam maker with dough and close with lid.Start pressing / rotating the idiyappam maker(depends on the idiyappam maker you use) on to the each mould of the  idly plate in concentric circle.Place it on the steamer/idli pot  and steam it for 3-5 mins(depends upon the thickness of the idiyappam).Cooked idiyappam looks shiny.If you want idiyappam with coconut, in the idly plate first press single layer of dough ,place 1 or 2 tbsp of coconut and cover it with other layer of dough and cook it like regular one.
That's  tasty & healthy idiyappam is ready. Serve it with sothi kulambu /Veg Salna or simple with sugar/ jaggery. Either way it's divine. For more breakfast recipe,check here

Coconut stuffed idiyappam

  • You can add coconut while serving too. But consume raw coconut in large quantity makes heart burn to few,so we always cook along with idiyappam and while serving we add sugar and have it.
  • Use little water to grind the rice , else it takes lot of time to thicken while sauteing .
  • If you add more  water while grinding, then put the batter into fridge for around 30 mins, the batter will settle at the bottom and you can see the extra water on the top. Remove that water and use it . It helps to thicken the batter quickly.
  • If you're making in large quantity , saute the batter batch by batch. It's difficult to stir the batter in large quantity and also you need more arm power.


  1. Dear Sandhiya, thank you for the recipe. So, I understand that I need to use only the boiled rice, correct? Raw rice won't give the right texture?

    1. Thank you,Boiled idli rice gives soft texture and stays soft for longer time whereas raw rice gives slightly chewy texture and taste good when it's hot. So it's really up to you what you're looking for. Both tastes equally good

  2. Many many thanks ma'am for the authentic recipe

  3. Can we do this with ration puzhungal arisi

    1. Guess, it works. Haven't tried with ration rice myself, so not sure of the result. If tried, let me know.

  4. Can we use this idiyappam dough to make kozhukattai?

    1. Yes, you can. Often make them with leftover dough from idiyappam making.