Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rice Flour Idiyappam | Idiyappam with store bought rice flour | String Hoppers

Idiyappam, a rice noodles also known as nool puttu or string hoppers originated from south Indian states of Tamilandu & KeralaI have already posted the traditional way of making idiyappam recipe. It's a lengthy processfirst it requires soaking the rice,  then grinding  the rice as batter & finally sauteing the batter into dough  and also in that method, you can't make it instantly. Although, for me, that's the best taste idiyappam, but sometimes we need an instant and quick to make version, right? That's when this recipe comes handy. With the good quality rice flour, we can almost recreate the traditional idiyappam taste in this recipe. 

So, i'm here sharing the idiyappam recipe with store bought rice flour. It's so quick and easy to make, within 15 mins, you can make the first batch of idiyappam from the start. It's my favorite way of making idiyappam when i'm pressed for time and still wanna eat idiyappam. 
Before moving to the recipe , let's check out on some FAQ! 
Why is my idiyappam dough hard to squeeze? 
Dry dough makes it hard to reason. There are a couple of reason for dry dough
  • There is not enough water in the dough.
  • Don't let the dough sit for longer time, with time, the dough becomes dry and it's difficult to squeeze
Why does my idiyappam break when squeezed ? 
Soft dough is easy to squeeze without any breakage.  So, use good quality rice flour which is super fine. If the rice flour is super fine, then it's almost cooked when hot water is added into it and makes the dough super soft. 

What do you eat with idiyappam? 
Idiyappam tastes simply awesome with plain sugar and freshly grated coconut. For a vegetarian side dish, i would recommend sothi(a coconut milk veg stew), salnakurma or even tiffin sambar also tastes good. For non-vegetarian side dish, i like to have with mutton / chicken kulambu.


Rice flour idiyappam

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
How to make idiyappam,idiyappam from rice flour, rice flour idiyappam,nool puttu,string hoppers,homemade idiyappam,breakfast, idiyappam from store bought rice flour Idiyappam, a rice noodles also known as nool puttu or string hoppers originated from south indian states of Tamilandu & Kerala.
Rice Flour - 1 cup
Water - 3/4 cup
Sesame Oil - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

Heat the water in a sauce pan along with salt and oil.
When the water is about to come to boil, switch off the flame and remove from heat. Measure & take the flour in a bowl,add the water little by little into the flour.
Mix it with spatula gently until all comes together. Now take the idiyappam maker, take a log of dough and add into the idiyappam maker.
Grease the idiyappam plate and squeeze the dough into place as concentric circles.
Steam it in the steamer for 6-8 mins.Remove the idiyappam plate from the steam and invert it, the idiyappam will fall off easily. Do the same for the remaining dough.
Tasty & soft idiyappam is ready to serve.We had it with white kurma & cardamom flavored coconut milk

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  • Depends on the flour quality,you may need more or less water,so always boil extra 1/4 of water.
  • Add little by little of water into flour. If you add more water, then the idiyappam will be sticky. 
  • Sesame oil gives wonderful aroma and i used the same for greasing the plate too.
  • Instead of idiyappam plate, you can steam it in idli plate too.
  • Once the idiyappam is cooked,  its color changed from bright white to pale white.


  1. I will have a look in the Indo-Pakistani shop in Mannheim, Germany, whether they have an idiyappam maker. The dish seems to be very lovely.

  2. I have always made idiappam and it has turned out soft and nice. Only today it turned a bit dry and hard. Is it that the powder is of old.rice and hence the dry texture.

  3. Does the quality of iddiappam depend on the fact that it is old rice powder hence dry.

    1. Yes Jayadhri, the rice quality plays a major role in soft idiyappam.

  4. Followed your recipe and made it today for the first time. It came out very nice and tasty. Thank you so much for an easy method for beginners like me. :)

    1. Thank you so much Mahalaxmi for trying and let me know , glad that it turned out well for you.

  5. I followed your recipe and made it today. It came out very nice. Thank you so much for this recipe. :)

  6. Followed your method and we all had a very nice idiyappam and kurma tiffin .. came out very well .. thank u sandhiya

    1. Thanks for trying & letting me know. Glad it came out well.

  7. Can you store string hoppers in the refrigerator once they've been steamed. I'd love to make a large batch to use over the course of a work week and serve with dahl. Thanks!

    1. Yes,you can make it ahead and refrigerate. Steam it for few mins just before serving.

  8. Replies
    1. It stay well for a day at room temperature, later you can store them at refrigerator and steam it few secs whenever you need

  9. Replies
    1. I haven't tried storing them dry. So sorry I couldn't help.

  10. I make idiyappam but while eating it feels like its not cooked properly and that raw flavor i get

    1. Use roasted rice flour/ idiyappam flour to avoid the raw flavor of rice

  11. Idiyappam came out tasty but could not separate and maje lemon sevai or covonut sevai. Not sticky and tasty