Monday, September 28, 2015

Rice flour | Red rice flour | Home made Rice flour | Puttu flour/Podi

Home made Red Rice Flour, making rice flour at home is a long process and it takes lot of patience, surely it's a labour of love. Honestly, i don't make rice flour at home frequently, mostly use the store bought rice flour and it's good too. For festival like deepavali, i prefer to make the home made rice flour aka pacharisi maavu for all sweets and snacks.
Back in India, in our home, for pongal festival, we use red rice only for making  pongal in front of the house using dried palm leaf fire. This year, here in canada, luckily i had found red rice around pongal festival time, it immediately took a trip down the memory lane of home town pongal festival, so without a second bought a bag of red rice. After used it for pongal festival, the leftover rice is sitting idle in the counter.  So made a batch of red rice flour, it would be so good for puttu. If you haven't tried making puttu with red rice flour, do give it a try, it's so much flavorful than the regular rice flour. Now let's check out how to make the red rice flour/puttu flour. 

Home made Rice flour

Preparation Time : 2 hrs | Cooking Time : 0 minsMakes : 2 cups(approx) 
Recipe Category: Basic | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Homemade Rice Flour, Homemade Red Rice flour, Homemade Puttu Flour, Homemade Puttu podi, Puttu podi,Puttu maavu,Arisi Maavu Homemade Rice flour has more flour than the store bought ones.Making puttu with red rice flour would be so delicious

Red Raw Rice - 1 1/2 cup

Wash the rice 3-4 time under running water or till the water runs clear and soak it for 45 mins.
Drain the water and spread it on thin cotton cloth/ any neat kitchen towel & place the cloth in shade for 30 mins.After 30 mins, all the water is absorbed by the cloth and the rice will be slightly wet. Now put the rice in the blender and grind into fine powder, do it in batch to avoid overloading.Transfer the ground content in the sieve and sieve it till there is no more flour comes out from the sieve. In the sieve, use the small hole one.Add the leftover from the sieve in the blender and grind it again into fine powder. Repeat the process of grinding & sieving till there is no leftover. It you're immediately making puttu, no need to dry roast it,use as it is.Heat a kadai & add the flour and roast it well on medium flameAfter about 5 to 7 mins, the flour should be like dry sand or if you take the flour in between your thumb & fore finger and you can able to draw a line (kolam podum patham).That's correct stage. Immediately switch off the flame and transfer into large plate or paper. Spread it well &allow to cool completely.Then store and use whenever needed.  There might be some lumps in the flour after roasting, no need to worry about it, it will break easily when you press it  with hand itself.

  • Roast the flour without changing its color.
  • After roasting, you may find small lumps, that's totally normally, you can break them with hand or sieve it once when it's completely cooled.

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    1. Such a fantastic post...btw one thing that makes me laugh at my own silliness thinking about how my mom explained to me on this process was that drawing lines..she said in telugu about drawing a rangoli and I was struggling so hard to translate that thought to english..finally it struck me that I can say, you draw a for making me remember that..very useful post!

    2. Omg..what patience man...making your own flour seems interesting...but frankly I am a lazy person...don't think I can ever put in that much labour, appreciate your efforts.

    3. Looking forward to your other homemade basic ingredients. This is a nice series.

    4. Amma always make her own rice flour just like that at home!! For me it sounds like a herculean task!! Very useful post!! Looking forward for your other posts in this series

    5. You reminded me of my childhood days. After moving to US I (err I should say mom too ) stopped preparing home based flours. Sighhhh.. need to come out the zombie mood

    6. Such a detailed post... Wow amazing... Loved your step wise clicks

    7. Very useful post Sandhiya. I rarely make rice flour at home, this is going to be very helpful when I actually make it.

    8. An amazing post, I make this flour but not at home in the flour mill. I roast the rice then powder it. Must try this method.

    9. I can never think of making rice flour at home.Such a wonderful post.Hats off to your efforts.

    10. I do my rice flour at home and am sure this post will be definitely helpful for many.

    11. Very useful post. I rarely make it at home.

    12. My what a lovely post. I hardly use rice flour n if I do its generally to make something crisp. I loved the pics n the line u have drawn. Explains a lot to me someone who has a never tried it yet...

    13. I usually buy it though my mother always makes it at home. This is an useful post for novices.

    14. Can u pls send me the pic of red rice u udes here??

    15. Can u pls send me pic of red rice u used here!

      1. Currently, i don't have red rice in stock, will share the pic once i get some. In the meantime, you can check out the step wise pic(first one) where i shared the pic of red rice.