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Javvarisi Semiya Payasam | Sago Vermicelli Payasam | Paal Payasam

Javvarisi Semiya Payasam is an authentic payasam of South Tamilnadu. In most of the marriage in south tamilnadu, this payasam is the must and they serve this payasam in banana leaf along with sweet boondi on the top, definitely it's a finger licking combination.
In our home too, we make this on all auspicious day and i like this payasam more when served in banana leaf than in bowl & spoon. But here, i couldn't find banana leaf this time, so have it in a spoon.Now let see how to make this authentic payasam and also check the notes section if you're a beginner.

Javvarisi Semiya Payasam

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes : 4 to 5  
Recipe Category: Sweet/Dessert | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Javvarisi/Sago - 1/2  cup
Semiya/Vermicelli - 1/4 cup
Milk - 1 1/4 cup
Cardamom - 3 crushed
Sugar - 1/2 cup* 
Cashew - 1 tbsp
Ghee - 1tbsp + 1 tsp

*I used 11/2 tbsp of sugar less than mentioned here

Heat the sauce pan with 1 tsp of ghee and add semiya. Roast till it becomes slightly brown.
Add water just to immerse the semiya and cook till it  becomes soft.Remove it on the plate and keep aside till use.
Soak the javvarisi for 1/2 hr. Heat the another sauce pan, add enough water and add javvarisi, cook till the javvarisi becomes transparent.
In the same time,heat the milk in another sauce pan, add the sugar and cardamom.
Bring the milk to boil and then keep it in medium flame till it becomes slightly thick and reduces a bit.In the mean time, mix javvarisi and semiya evenly well.
Add the javvarisi semiya mixture in the milk and stir well. 
Roast the cashew in 1tbsp of  ghee and add it in payasam. 
That's Javvarisi Semiya Payasam is ready to serve.


  • This payasam thickens when it's cooled.
  • You can change the ratio of javvarisi and semiya as per your like.
  • If you prepared this ahead, take some of the boiled milk before adding the javvarisi semiya mixture.At the time of serving, reheat the reserved milk and add it in the payasam.So it wont be thick at the time of serving.
  • Adjust the sugar according to your taste.
  • Don't strain the cooked water of javvarisi, it will give creaminess to the payasam.
  • If wish, roast the raisins in ghee along with cashew, and add it in payasam.While biting raisins in between the payasam gives slight sourness, i dont like that taste in my payasam,so i try to skip that, but some people add raisins especially for that taste.  
  • Javvarisi and Semiya takes different time to cook, so it's always better to cook separately.
  • If desired, reduce the amount of milk &sugar and add sweetened condensed milk, it gives rich taste.
  • If wish, add few standard of saffron, but i like mine as white, so leave as it is.

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