Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Vendakkai Pachadi | Okra Pachadi

Vendakkai Pachadi, a delicious accompaniment for rice made from okra,tomato and other spices.Whenever i ask my hubby what accompaniment he want for sambar & rice,his immediate reply would be if we have Vendakkai,then make vendakkai pachadi.Yeah, it's his all time favorite.I'm not very fond of this pachadi like him, but i like to have them with sambar. Surely it's a best combination.
Always i reserve some vendakkai for making this pachadi along with sambar. Amma makes this pachadi with coconut paste always,but i do add sometimes or skip it,either way it tastes goo.So while grinding coconut paste for sambar,i add few tsp extra coconut and use the same in pachadi too.But If i'm making sambar without coconut,then i would skip coconut for pachadi too on that day.Lazy me :-)

Vendakkai Pachadi

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Accompaniment | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
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Lady's Finger/Okra - 10
Onion - 1/2
Tomato - 2 small
Red chili powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric - 1/4 tsp
Salt - to taste
Coriander leaves -few
Oil - 1 tsp
To Temper
Oil - 1 tsp
Mustard & urad dal - 1/4 tsp each
Curry leaves - few
To Grind
Grated coconut - 1 tbsp
Pearl onion - 1 
Garlic pod -1 small
Cumin seed - 1/4 tsp

Wash the okra , trim the ends and cut into small pieces. Similarly cut onion and tomato into small pieces.Heat the pressure cooker with oil.Add the onions, saute till it becomes translucent.Then add okra , saute till the sliminess in the okra leaves,then add tomatoes.Give a good mix, then add spices(turmeric & red chili powder) & salt. Add enough water to cook the okra.Cover the cooker with lid and put on weight and cook for 2 whistle.Once the pressure releases from the cooker, open the lid and put it on flame again.Grind the ingredients listed under "To grind" and add it into pachadi along little water to adjust the consistency.Allow to boil until the raw smell leaves and then add the coriander leaves into the pachadi. Finally temper the ingredients listed under "To Temper" and add into pachadi.Serve it with rice and sambar.
  • You can cook the pachadi in open pan too. If want mushy okra, so used pressure cooker.
  • Saute the okra till the sliminess goes away before adding tomatoes.
  • Instead of coconut paste, you can add also 1 tbsp of grated coconut.

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