Monday, January 9, 2017

Thuvadesi Feast | Thuvadesi Sapadu | Vazha ilai Sapadu

As today is Thuvadasi(துவாதசி), i have prepared typical south indian meal(vazha illai Sapadu) to break the Vaikuntha Ekadasi Viratham. Thuvadasi is the day after Ekadasi.In our family, we observe Vaikuntha Ekadasi viratham,on that particular day, we used to go to Vishnu temple to see "Sorga Vasal" opening and i vaguely remember, in our childhood days, we used to buy paramapatham(a board game) to play on that particular day(don't know what's the significance of playing that game on Ekadsai)from the temporary shop infront of the temple.
Coming to the food on that day, we eat only idli or dosai and strictly avoid rice on that day.So the next day morning itself, we prepare this Vazha illai sapadu(feast in banana leaf) to break the fasting of not eating rice😀  As this year, i lucky got banana leaf here, i thought of sharing what i have prepared on this day.

Thuvadesi Sapadu

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 2 hrs  | Serves : 
Recipe CategoryMeals | Recipe CuisineIndian
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Poriyal(instead of beans, i used avarkai in this poriyal)
And the complete Meal

In our home, amma always make agathi keerai poriyal on thuvadasi, as i couldn't find here,i skip that.
PS: This is our way of observing Ekadasi Viratham on our families for generations.So if you're newly married or dont know how to observe Viratham, check with your family elders and keep this as refferal for making the meal .

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