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Triangle Paratha | Layered Paratha | Paratha Recipe

Triangle paratha, an easy layered paratha made with wheat flour. Compared to other layered paratha, this triangle paratha can be made quickly and the paratha is so flaky with all those layers.

I had tasted this paratha often in restaurants, but very rarely I make it at home.When I got bored of regular chapati / roti, it would make this. They are super soft and with simple curry it tastes awesome.

Triangle Paratha

Why is it called Triangle Paratha ? 

Simply because of its triangle shape :-) 

Which brand of Atta flour am i using ?

I've been using ashirwad brands of Atta flour for all my rotis & paratha for years now. Atta flour is also a wheat flour but it's super fine compared to the wheat flour that is available all over North America stores. 

Though I have used wheat flour from local stores for plain roti and chapati, I prefer to use atta flour for all layered paratha for the best result.

Triangle Paratha

Tips to get the beautiful layers in Paratha?

  • The dough should be soft and pliable, if the dough is too sticky, then the layers will merge and you won't get that beautiful layers after cooking the paratha. 
  • Make sure to sprinkle some flour while folding the paratha. It will help to separate the layers well.
  • Roll the paratha when you're ready to cook. Rolling and keeping the dough uncooked for a longer time also merge the layers. 
    Triangle Paratha
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Triangle Paratha

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsMakes :
Recipe Category: Paratha | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Triangle Paratha, Layered Paratha, Triangle paratha, an easy layered paratha made with wheat flour.
Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Oil - 1 tsp + extra for rolling & cooking paratha
Salt - 1/2 tsp 
Water - 1 cup(approx)

Triangle Paratha
Take the flour and salt in a bowl & mix well, then add  1 tsp of oil to the flour and mix it well.Then add water little by little to make a pliable dough with hand.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Knead the dough for 2 mins and cover it with plate and keep aside for 30 mins. After 30 mins, make 9 equal sized ball from the dough. Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Dust the working counter with flour and take one ball of dough at a time and roll into thin sheets with the help of rolling pin.Using pastry brush, apply oil all over the sheets.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Once the oil is applied all over, sprinkle some flour &  then fold into half as shown below.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Now again fold the dough into  half and it look like triangle,then dust the flour on both sides of the dough.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
And then gently roll into bigger triangle with rolling pin.In the mean time, heat the tawa. Once tawa is ready, grease it with oil & add the rolled paratha.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Apply some oil on the top and cook on both sides till the brown spots appears on the paratha.Remove it on the plate and do the same for the remaining dough.Triangle Paratha Making Pictures
Tasty & layered triangle paratha is ready.

Triangle Paratha
  • Instead of oil, you can use ghee to brush the rolled sheets to enhance the taste & flavor.
  • The dough shouldn't be sticky, otherwise the layers would merge and couldn't get separate layers after cooking.
  • Keep the flame in medium for entire process.
See the layers,now it's time to dig in
Triangle Paratha

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  1. Love how flaky and soft your parathas are. Soooo delicious!!