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Beetroot Idiyappam | Heart Shape Idiyappam | Breakfast recipes

Beetroot idiyappam, a variation in the regular idiyappam by adding beetroot juice to the idiyappam dough. Beetroot juice give an appealing dark pink colour to the idiyappam. 

Always i have love-hate relationship with the beetroot, i'm so much in love with the colour of beetroot,but the same time, i couldn't stand the strong earthy taste of the beetroot.So i always  prefer the way to subside the earthy taste of beetroot by adding smaller quantity of it in pav bhaji,kurma or in baking goods,that way the beetroot taste is not predominant in the recipes, at the same time, you can achieve the beautiful colour on the food.

I got this idea when i saw the recipes of beetroot poori and later i tried poori,idiyappam and puttu with beetroot, out of all, idiyappam & puttu  are my personal favorite and i'm 100% sure you couldn't find any difference in taste other than the color change.

As this color is more suitable for the coming valentine's day, i have tried my best to create the heart shape to make it even more special and i'm happy the way it turned out.  Now let's check out on how to make beetroot idiyappam.

Beetroot Idiyappam

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Breakfast | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Beetroot Idiyappam, Beetroot string hoppers, Beetroot rice noodles Beetroot idiyappam, a variation in the regular idiyappam by adding beetroot juice to the idiyappam dough.
Rice Flour - 1 cup
Beetroot(grated) - 1/3 cup
Water - 1 to 11/4 cup
Sesame oil - 1 tsp
Salt - to taste

Put the grated beetroot in a mixie/blender jar and add 2 tbsp of water and grind into smooth paste.
Strain the juice and discard the extract and measure the juice,we need 1 cup of liquid,so for the remaining add water to the juice and make it as 1 cup .
Pour the juice into the sauce pan,add salt and sesame oil and bring into boil.
Once it comes to boil,switch off the flame. Take the flour in a bowl and add this beetroot juice and mix it with spatula/slotted spoon vigorously until it becomes a single mass.
Take the idiyappam maker and fill it with dough. Grease the steamer plate with sesame oil and keep it ready.
Squeeze the dough as concentric circles in the steamer plate and steam it for 8-10 mins.
That's it.Beautiful looking & healthy beetroot idiyappam is ready.

To make heart shape
Take the foil paper and squeeze the dough in heart shape on the foil paper. To steam it, i placed two small tumber in the steamer and place the steamer plate in inverted position.
Then place the foil on the steamer plate and cover it with lid as shown below and cook it for 8- 10 mins.
Heart shaped idiyappam is ready.Serve it with grated coconut and sugar/jaggery powder.

  • The color of the idiyappam depends on the color of beetroot juice and also how much beetroot you used.
  • The heart shape  one is made with 1/4 cup of beetroot for 1 cup of flour and the round ones are made  with 1/3 cup of beetroot for 1 cup of flour, so you can see the slight color change in the idiyappam.
  • I'm 100% sure that you don't get that earthy smell of beetroot in the idiyappam.
  • Instead of using steamer plate, you can use the idli plate too.
  • Depends on the flour, you many need 3/4 to 1 1/4 cup of liquid, as i have known that my rice flour needs 1 cup of liquid, i just used 1 cup to boil. But if your flour is new or you're not sure , to be on safer side, boil 11/4 cup of water.

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