Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to clean & cut Bottle gourd | Sorekkai

Bottle Gourd is a vegetable with high water content and also has good source of vitamin c & k. It's good to include this veggie during summer.You may think why there is a post about how to clean & cut bottle gourd, is this such a complicate task?No, not at all. But to be honest, i never once had any dish made from bottle gourd until i got married and started to cook on my own.
Later when i asked Amma that why she didn't make anything with Bottle gourd,she told me a interesting story.In my grandma's(maternal) childhood days,they used to visit near by Ayyanar temple.Whoever worshipped Ayyanar diety in her town, try to exclude bottle gourd from their diet and also it's to be believed that if any of these people would go nearby bottle gourd plant,then the plant would  die πŸ˜‡.Interesting belief, right?
With that strong belief, aachi(grandma) neither prepared nor tasted bottle gourd in her life. As Amma never grew up eating bottle gourd, she doesn't like it much and she never prepared anything with bottle gourd in our home.So when i started to use bottle gourd, i don't know how to use it.And ask my friends about how to clean & cut bottle gourd.So this post may be helpful to beginners or any one like me 😜 .

How to clean & Cut Sorekkai

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsMakes : 2 cups 
Recipe Category: Basics | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Bottle gourd - 1

Take the bottle gourd and cut off the edges, then peel the skin of bottle gourd with peeler.Cut the bottle gourd into two horizontally, then again cut the one half into vertically and remove the sponge texture inside.Cut them into strips and then chop into squares or as per your recipe demands.
Chopped Bottle gourd is ready to use.


  1. Thanks so much...I really needed this .God Bless u :)

  2. Thanks. Like cucumber there is no water content in bottle guard. it is true? or I have bought aged bottleguard ? . I am trying for first time. Pls. Clarify

    1. Water content varies from bottle gourd !! May be your's aged and not fresh !!!

  3. Get set Go! Thanks Sandhya🀝

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