Friday, April 13, 2018

Ragi Mudde | Ragi Kali | Millet Recipe

Ragi Mudde/kali, a healthy savory balls made from the finger millet flour. Actually ragi was not of part of our cooking when we were grew up.Every year, on aadi(tamil month)month, all the amman temple in our area used to offer the ragi kanji(sweet) as prasadam. Other than that, i had never eaten any ragi dish till my marriage. So all the ragi dishes that i'm preparing at home nowadays was learned on my own. 
As far as i remembered, in our home, other than uluntha kali,amma never prepared any other kali. When we were in Hosur, i came to know about this ragi mudde through various karnataka restaurant. Few restaurants serve this as part of their lunch menu in Bangalore. Since i hadn't tasted it before, i was skeptical to try it first, but then one neighbor aunty in my downstairs told me about all the health benefits of this ragi and encourage me to include in our diet. On every summer, in her house, they bought a large quantity of finger millet to make finger millet powder for the whole year. She herself wash all the millets, sun dried it completely and taken them to flour mill and grind. Such a amazing hard worker she is !!! 
Later i had started  to include ragi regularly in our diet and today we both like ragi in any form !!! Now coming to today's recipe, as it may sound simple but it's actually quite tricky to cook this kali perfectly for beginners, i had my share of failed experiment with this kali. After few failed attempts, i knew the knack of making perfect ragi mudde/ kali .If you're beginner, there are few things to taken care of, so check out the notes also. 
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Ragi Mudde/Kali

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 10 minsMakes : 2 small balls 
Recipe Category: Millet | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Ragi flour - 1/2 cup
Water - 1 cup
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Ghee - 1/4 tsp(optional)

Take 1 tsp of flour in a bowl, add 1 tbsp of water and make it as thin ragi slurry.Add the remaining water & salt into the thick pan and bring into boil.Once the water comes to boil, add the ragi slurry into it and mix it well. Now gently sprinkle the remaining flour evenly on the water.Close the pan with lid with little opening in the side and let it cook for 6-7 mins in the medium flame.After 7 mins, open the lid and with the laddle mix it vigorously until all the flour mix together and became a single mass.Switch off the flame.Let it cover and sit aside until it comes hand bearable temperature. Now add the ghee and take a small portion of dough and roll into smooth ball.Tada, Ragi Mundde/Kali is ready to serve. Serve it with your favorite kuzhambu & sides. We had it with sambar and vendakkai pachadi.
  • After sprinkle the flour into the water, don't mix it immediately. Let it cook for atleast 7 mins before mixing with the laddle.
  • If the flour is not cooked well, then it forms lump while mixing with the laddle.
  • Cook the flour in medium flame, otherwise the bottom would be burnt before the flour gets cooked.
  • If you're not using ghee, simply wet your hand in the water and start making ball, it will help to make smooth balls.
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  1. Feel like pouring the sambar on the top of the ragi mudde and having this nutritious dish rite now, what a super plating.. Lovely.

  2. It needs some tries before getting a perfect ragi muddhe. Yours has turned out great. Mom used to make sambar to go with kali and we used to love it.

    1. Yeah,you're correct, it needs some trial, Thanks Gayathri

  3. Beautifully made ragi mudde Sandhiya. Your step by step pictures and detailed recipe will make it very helpful to make this recipe.

  4. Looks super easy but I heard all the ways it can go wrong :) I am yet to muster courage to make ragi mudde. Love to try it soon.

    1. It's not that hard, Harini. just you have to careful with few steps.

  5. Is there any benefit of adding that slurry before pa? Never did that but its quite interesting. I love ragi mudde with gojju. Yummm

    1. It helps to avoid forming lumps and even cooking, Vidhya. With gojju, it must be yummy!!!

  6. Love this with some mutton curry ..Such a healthy and filling breakfast!!

    1. Never had with mutton, that's an interesting combo, Sharmila.

  7. The ragi kali sounds quite tricky , it is like cooking and steaming , something like Gujju khichyu .
    Ragi definitely has loads of benefits , and we should incorporate it in our diet . I like the way you have made these dough balls , they look attractive and very well plated !