Thursday, July 5, 2018

Rose Modak | Rose Kozhukattai

Rose Modak / Rose Kozhukattai, a steamed dumpling with rose flavored coconut stuffing, shaped to look like a rose. I had this idea of making rose kozhukattai in my mind for a while even after I watched the video of making rose momos. 

But I was not sure about the rice flour dough since it's not as pliable as all purpose flour dough. Two months ago, I tried making a pathiri recipe and it was a complete disaster at first attempt, i couldn't shape at least one decently! 

In the next attempt, my pathiri was ok, so after a few attempts, I'm quite confident that I can make some decent pathiri. You may wonder why I'm talking about pathiri now, let me come to the point, actually in the process of making pathiri only, I learned how to make soft and pliable rice flour dough, which was very useful in the making of  these  rose modak.

I knew that these rose shapes are not that perfect but still i'm happy with the output on my first attempt. As I said before, the dough texture is really important to make this rose modak. 

And also it's easily cracked while shaping, so be generous with oil, apply to your fingertips and on the dough, that somehow helps to shape them decently. To be honest I was exhausted after shaping only 6 of them. It's really time consuming and tiresome work.
While shaping the dough make sure that the remaining dough is covered with damp cloth. The dough dries out easily and makes it hard to shape them. 

Next, don't use more filling, again it makes it hard to shape them and also be gentle while rolling them, it might crack, don't worry it all comes together at the end or even the slight cracking in the dough makes them look more natural.

After all the attempts, still you can't shape them as roses, don't worry, you can use the same dough and filling for regular modak, so try the traditional modak shape ! 

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Rose Modak | Rose Kozhukattai

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsMakes :
Recipe Category: Sweet | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Rose Modak, Rose Kozhukattai Rose Modak / Rose Kozhukattai, a steamed dumpling with rose flavored coconut stuffing, shaped to look like rose.
For outer layer
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Water - 1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
Salt - a pinch
Sesame oil -1/2 tsp
For stuffing
Grated Coconut - 1/2 cup(heaped)
Sugar - 1/3 cup
Rose essence - 2 drops
Rose food color - 2 drops

First let's make the filling, in a pan, add the grated coconut and sugar. Keep it on the flame and cook till all the sugar melts and it comes together as single mass. Add the rose essence at this stage , mix it well and switch off the flame.
Then add the food color, mix it thoroughly and keep it aside until use. For the outer dough, take the rice flour in a bowl add the salt and sesame oil, mix it  thoroughly.
Heat the water until it comes to vigorous boil and then add into the flour and mix it quickly. Cover it with lid and set aside for 5 mins.
Then knead the dough until it becomes smooth on the top. Take the dough and make a small gooseberry sized balls, take a ball and spread it with your finger tips and make a thin disc. Dip your fingers in oil while shaping them.
Similarly make three discs and place it on one over another as shown below. Then take the stuffing and place it in the middle, fold the disc into half starting from the one on the top.
Once you fold them all, start rolling from the one end to another and pinch together at the end. 
That's it, our rose modak is ready to steam, do the same for the remaining dough. Place it on the steamer basket.
Steam it for 10 mins in medium flame.
Tada, Cute looking and absolutely delicious rose modak is ready.

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  • Use fine variety of rice flour or use the idiyappam flour. It gives the pilable dough.
  • After pouring the hot water, mix it immediately and rest it for 5 mins. It helps to make the dough soft and smooth.
  • You can make the regular shape modak with this stuffing. The stuffing is really delicious.


  1. The modaks are so pretty! I will try them when I make modaks for chaturthi. To make the rice dough pliable I run it through my food processor. It turns super soft. You then moisten your hands with water and shape the dough as needed.

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