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Rumali Roti | Roomali Roti

Rumali Roti , a extremely thin flat bread made from the combination of wheat flour and maida(all purpose flour). It's quite common flat bread in Indian sub continent. Rumal means handkerchief in many north indian language, since this roti is so thin to fold like handkerchief, it got the name "Rumali Roti". 

I have seen many videos on how to make rumali roti, the chefs in the videos literally flying the dough in air to stretch it as thin a possible and cook it on outer surface of the wok because of its size. But honestly i have no idea how it will be made in north indian households. 

At home, we can't fly the dough to stretch(at least for me),right?? So had been looking for easy way to make the thinnest roti. If you're making rumali roti at home regularly, let me know your tricks in comments section, would love to hear !!!
I had this idea for a while to layer the dough when rolling and cooking the roti and later separate the layers to make the thinnest roti. Tried it couple of times , after a few flops initially, the roti turned out as thin as handkerchief and you can literally fold as you like, now it's become one of the regular roti at my home. 

Glad that i can do justice for its name "Rumali Roti "!!!. With this simple trick, you can make rumali roti without flying the dough and do all the gimmicks. Trust me, this hack works like a charm every SINGLE time and if you haven't tried making the rumali roti at home, do give a try on this method, i'm sure that you would be glad with the output. 
Now it's been more than a month since ST started working from home and for these days i have also been so active in blogging since i'm cooking 3 times a day continuously and have lot of time to shoot pictures unlike before where i usually finished off my cooking before 7.30 in the morning and hardly had any time to shoot pictures in the week day. 

Other than going for walking in the evening(if weather permits) and grocery shopping once in a week, we hardly go outside of the house in these days. All the grocery stores here take at most precautionary steps to stop the spread of virus. Every week after returned from grocery shopping, can't help but feeling overwhelmed by the hard work from all front line workers. In front of all that hard work, our lockdown inside house seems nothing and it's a privilege actually

Last week end, we went to bulk barn store( a store for nuts & baking stuff, usually allow individual to scoop out the needed from the large container) and all the customers were provided with personal shoppers, he/she would scoop things for us. Usually we roam around the shop and pick the things we needed, but this time i regret for not preparing the list, that would be easy for us to let them know what we needed. 

Since we're not used to ask some one to do our work in the grocery shop, it's kind of feel odd, but totally appreciate their efforts and hard work to keep the business going and help the needed. Ok, enough with my grocery shopping experience, let remind ourself that we're living the history now !! With that thought, will check out the recipe for rumali roti.  

Rumali Roti | Roomali Roti

Preparation Time : 30 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Roti | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Rumali Roti,Roomali Roti, Roti,Thin Rotti,Home made, How to make rumali roti Rumali Roti , a extremely thin flat bread made from the combination of wheat flour and maida. Rumal means handkerchief in many north indian language, since this roti is so thin to fold like handkerchief, it got the name "Rumali Roti". .
Wheat flour - 1 & 1/2 cup
All purpose flour/Maida - 1/2 cup
Salt - to taste
Oil - 1 tsp + more for cooking
Water - as needed.

Take wheat flour, all purpose flour and salt in a bowl, mix it all well together and then add water little by little and make a soft smooth dough.
Next add 1 tsp of oil and  add knead until the dough is soft and pliable. Cover the dough and let it aside for 30 mins.
Take a regular roti size(lemon size) dough and divide into two and make a smooth ball. Do the same of all the dough.
Take a tbsp of oil in a plate, flatten a dough and dip it in the oil on one side and place it on working surface and sprinkle generous amount of flour.
Take an another dough, dip it in flour and place it on the oil dipped dough and start rolling the roti as usual with rolling pin. If needed dust some flour for rolling.
Heat the tava and grease it with oil and add the rolled roti dough and cook it on both sides until golden brown spots appear on both sides.
Remove from the heat, now you can peel the layers easily just like shown in below pic.
That's it, thinnest homemade rumali roti is ready to serve. 

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Look how thin it is !!! 
  • Apply oil and flour generously on the dough, it helps to separate the layers of  the roti easily later.
  • At first when you start rolling the stacked dough it seems like they are not stick together and keep sliding from one another, but be consistent and rolling as regular roti, it stick together in a while and will be easy to roll like regular roti
  • In this method you no need to put any effort to roll it thin, roll as thick as regular chapathi/roti, the end roti would be half as thickness as the rolled roti.
  • This roti can be made with wheat flour alone, but for more elasticity, little amount of maida is used.

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