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How to Peel Tapioca Roots | Cassava | Maravalli kizhangu

Tapioca roots also known as kappa, maravalli kizhangu or kuchi kizhangu in South parts of India.  Though tapioca roots are native to South America, it's a staple food in kerala state of India and it's one of their common breakfast foods 

In our home, we used to have the steamed tapioca as a snack for the evenings or as elevenses food. It's one of our family favorite snacks of all time. You might already know this if you have followed me on IG. 

Tapioca Roots

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Whenever I share the steamed tapioca pictures on IG, I get a couple of requests for how to peel the tapioca because the skin is so hard.  Yeah, I know compared to Indian tapioca, the tapioca available here in North America is a bit bigger and the outer skin is also thicker.  

Immediately I shot a quick video for IG reels and shared it. But I thought a separate post would be more helpful so here i'm with this post on how to peel and cut the tapioca. Hope this post is useful and informative.  

How to Peel Tapioca Roots

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Kitchen Basics | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
How to peel Tapioca Roots, Kappa, Maravalli Kizhangu,Cassava Let's see how to peel Tapioca Roots easily.
Tapioca roots - 1

Tapioca Roots
First take a tapioca root, cut into half with a sharp knife.
Next make a sharp slip on the skin of the tapioca roots and gently lift the skin using the knife. 
Then switch to the dinner knife and run it along the skin. It will help to remove the skin from the tapioca roots.
Once the skin is peeled, cut the tapioca vertically into two slices and remove the thick string at the center.
Now cut the tapioca roots into desired shape and it's ready to use.
Tapioca Roots
  • If the skin sticks to the root well and stubborn to peel off through sliding the knife method, then simply trim the skin using a sharp knife :-)

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