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Palkova Mothagam | Khoya Modak

Palkova Mothagam is also known as khoya modak or palkova kozhukattai is a sweet dumpling made from the rice flour dough as outer cover and milk solids as inner filling.  It's super easy to make these kozhukattai provided that you have palkova in your hands and it's lip smacking delicious ! 

For Ganesh Chathurthi, sweetened chana dal and  coconut are the most popular filling in making these kozhukattai. But for a quick and easier version, you can try these palkova kozhukattai. 

Before moving on to the recipe, let's check out the FAQs about making kozhukattai.

Palkova Kozhukattai

What type of rice flour is good for making kozhukattai?

Pacharisi / Raw rice flour is the most commonly used flour for making kozhukattai. You can make your  own rice flour at home or use the store bought flour. 

If you're buying from the store, make sure that the rice flour is very fine. Usually it's available in the market in the name of kozhukattai maavu or idiyappam flour.

In our home, while we grew up, Amma always made dough from idli rice batter for both kozhukattai and idiyappam. The flavor and the texture are so unique compared to rice flour dough. 

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PalkovaWhy can't I shape the modak / mothagam ?
Dough consistency is the key to making modak shapes easily. There are a couple of things to be taken care of for making the dough. Those are 
  • Rice flour should be fine enough such that adding hot water into the flour makes it almost cooked. 
  • Almost cooked rice flour is pliable and easy to make shapes. Otherwise you can't make shapes and the dough would be easily breakable. 
  • Water should be boiled for making the dough.
  • Grease your hands well to avoid the dough sticking to your hands while shaping.
  • If you're a beginner, buy a modak/mothagam mold, it will do your job a lot easier. 
Why do my modak/mothagam get cracked after steaming?

Steaming for a longer time would make the modak crack on the outer layer. Since the dough is almost cooked already, there is no need to cook for a longer time. Just 5-7 mins of steaming is enough. 
Palkova Kozhukattai


Palkova Kozhukattai | Khoya Modak

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 8 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Sweet | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Palkova Kozhukattai, Khoya Modak, Palkova Mothagam Palkova Mothagam is also known as khoya modak or palkova kozhukattai is a sweet dumpling made from the rice flour dough as outer cover and milk solids as inner filling.
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Sesame oil - 1/2 tsp
Salt - a pinch
Boiling water - little less of 1/2 cup
Palkova - 1/2 cup

Palkova Mothagam

First for the dough, take the rice flour in a bowl, add salt and oil. 
Palkova Mothagam Step by Step Pic 1
Mix it all well together. Then pour the boiling water & mix it with a wooden laddle.  Palkova Mothagam Step by Step Pic 2
Once the dough start comes together, use you hand and make a soft dough. Take a pinch of dough and form a ball. Palkova Mothagam Step by Step Pic 3
Grease your hand with oil well, take a dough and gently press it with your fingers around the edges and move towards the center, it will make a small bowl like the below image ,take a spoonful of palkova(5 mins microwave palkova recipe) and add into the center and then close the dough as shown below.Palkova Mothagam Step by Step Pic 4
Do the same for all the dough and filling. Put it in a steamer basket and steam it for 5-7 mins. Palkova Mothagam Step by Step Pic 5
Delicious Palkova Kozhukattai is ready ! 

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Palkova Kozhukattai
  • The above quantity makes 6 regular size modak and 12 mini modak.
  • You can use the store bought palkova also for this recipe. 
  • Don't overfill the kozhukattai otherwise the filling will come out while steaming
  • Khoya Modak

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