Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How to make Sprouts | Home made Sprouts | Green Moong Dal Sprouts

Green Moong Dal Sprouts is one of the easiest sprouts that you can make at home without any special utensils. I have been making this sprouts for years now at my home and use them in curries and sundal. Just like the soaked moong dal, you can use this sprouts in any dishes you like. 

Today is the final day of Mega BM ,this month I have posted on all days except Sundays under various themes. Hurray !! I did without skipping a day ! I thoroughly enjoyed this series and learned a lot from my fellow bloggers, each comments from them encourage & inspire me to do better in my next posts.

After I saw the Mega BM notification in Srivalli Space in july(i think), i was very much hesitant to join, since so far i did only a two week monthly marathon. Hence I was not sure whether I could prepare 26 posts in a month. However I thought that if it's not now, then when? , so after a lot of dilemmas, somehow I got the confidence and joined it. 

I thought that I had a  whole month(August) ahead of me to prepare at least half of the post, remaining would be managed in September. Then all of sudden, there was a marriage in the family(Hubby's bro) in August. So I was out of town for nearly 20 days in August and did not even enter the kitchen.

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So when I started this Mega BM, I didn't have a single post in my draft . So I was really terrified, when my fellow bloggers said that they scheduled most of their posts. So I decided on what to cook on each day and prepared the list. 

First week went smoothly , then came another obstacle, there was a sudden official trip in hubby's work for one week, i couldn't stay alone in home for a week, so i was planned to  join him and  thought of sending a mail that i couldn't continue this BM, even i drafted the mail,but never wanted to give up this chance.

For the second week theme, I have chosen "Indian States" and  planned to make three thali recipes !  But with the current situation, i can't make any thalis  and removed all the thalis from the list and added some simple dishes and prepared all the six dishes & took photographs within 2 days. 

As you know, nothing can beat the last minute panic right? It gives a lot of ideas & energy to accomplish the task.

Today , I'm really happy that I posted on all 26 days on time without delay or break. ok , enough with blowing my own trumpet ! Now let's check out on how to make green moong dal sprouts!

Home made Sprouts

Preparation Time : 13 hrs | Cooking Time : 0 minsMakes : 1 Cup 
Recipe Category: Sprouts | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Green Moong Dal Sprouts, How to make Sprouts, Homemade Sprouts Green Moong Dal Sprouts is one of the easiest sprouts that you can make at home without any special utensils
Whole green moong dal - 1 cup

Wash the moong dal well and soak it in water for 8 hrs/ overnight .After  8 hrs, the dal is doubled in size, drain the excess water from the dal.
Now place it in clean cotton cloth and bring the corners of the cloth to the center & tie the knot at the end.Hang /place this in some dark & warm place for next 12 hrs without disturbing. After 12 hrs, untie the knot in the cloth, you can see the sprouts is coming.
If you want lengthy sprouts, you can keep it for longer hrs. That's it, Home made Green moong dal sprouts is ready to use. 

  • Keep it in the warm and dark places help to sprout easily
  • Make sure to soak the dal for overnight and it's doubled in size 


  1. Kudos Sandihya for being on time and posting such wonderful dishes..great job there..I love moong sprouts..your pictures are so lively...all in all, I enjoyed your daily dishes that you created!..

  2. The cartoon is so correct.. Lol😊

    And loved all your dishes...

  3. Always best to make your own sprouts...I normally make them too but at times I buy them , it becomes so easy...enjoyed running this marathon with you, lovely dishes, but could not sense a panic in them..they seemed to be done with ease😊

  4. Congrats for completing the marathon with us.Yeah I have never guessed any hurry in the posts ,they were always on time.Sprouts looks so fresh and beautiful.

  5. Congratulations on finishing the marathon with very little or ahead preparation. I would have gotten a panic attack if I were to do a month long marathon with very minimal preparation.
    Even I make sprouts at home once in while.

  6. An excellent post for those who pick up ready packets.

  7. Wow Sandhiya, it never looked like you were in a hurry. I enjoyed all your posts -- so job well done :-) Love that cartoon. Useful post for sprouting moong.

  8. Congrats for finishing the marathon, its not easy to do a month of blogging.. Making sprouts at home is quite usual at home.

  9. Good one. The cartoon is very apt for me as well. It was wonderful running this marathon with you. Enjoyed all your posts.

  10. Loved that cartoon. Congrats and great post for the last day

  11. Lol on the cartoon. I do agree last minute panic is what we generally do.In the place we live we do not need to tie them up. They just sprout in the sieve.

  12. I can relate to that Calvin & Hobbes cartoon. I keep procrastinating somehow when it is a mega marathon and end up cooking when the marathon is happening. I kinda have become expert in not panicking eventhough i am unprepared. :)
    Congratulations on finishing the marathon successfully.