Thursday, May 11, 2017

Celery Soup | Celery Soup without Cream | Soup Recipe

Celery Soup, creamy and delicious soup made from celery stalk. Last week, after prepared the Fasolada soup, i left out with lot of celery stalk. As i don't use celery in my day to day cooking, i don't know what to do,later while searching online, i landed at martha stewart's celery soup recipe. It looks quite simple yet so creamy,so thought of give it a try. 

Yesterday i prepared this celery soup with a very few changes to suit our taste,as expected,it turned out so creamy and delicious. If you love celery flavor, then definitely give a try on this soup, you won't be disappointed for sure.

Celery Soup

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes : 2 to 3  
Recipe Category: Soup | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Celery Soup, Celery Soup without Cream, Easy Celery Soup Celery Soup, a delicious,flavorful, creamy & soup without any cream.
Celery - 5 to 6  stalk
Potato - 1
Onion(small) - 1
Butter - 1 tbsp
Dill leaves - 1 tbsp(optional)
Water - 2 cup
Salt - as needed
Pepper - as needed

First chop the celery into 1/2 inch pieces, peel the potato and cut into cubes, cut the onion roughly into cubes.Heat the sauce pan with butter, add the onions and saute till it becomes translucent.
Then add the celery & potato and saute in the butter for 2 mins.
Add the water and bring into boil.Keep the flame in medium and cover the sauce pan with lid and cook till celery and potato becomes tender.
Let it cool completely and then add into mixie/blender jar along with dill leaves and grind into smooth paste.
Transfer into sauce pan,add the seasoning(salt & pepper powder) & heat the soup till it becomes warm.
That's it,Creamy and delicious Celery Soup is ready.
  • If you don't like dill flavor, you can skip that.
  • Instead of water,you can use equal amount of veg or chicken stock.
  • Adjust the water as per the consistency you like.

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