Thursday, December 21, 2017

Collection of Pressure Cooker Biryani Recipes

Biryani, the most flavorful and tasty rice recipe which is popular throughout the Indian sub continent. Authentically Biryani is prepared by dum cooking, but in our home, dum cooking is not possible for every day cooking right? So,here come the most sophisticated kitchen gadget "pressure cooker" to make our life so easy.Compare to dum cooking, the pressure cooker biryani are easy to make and also it takes very less time,that makes it ideal for our busy days. Here i have the collection of biryani recipe that you can cook easily in pressure cooker without any compromise in taste !!! Click on the individual picture for the detailed recipe.

Mutton Biryani Chicken BiryaniEgg Biryani
Nei Soru Mushroom BiryaniVegetable Biryani
Chettinad Peas Mushroom Biryani Thalassery Veg Biryani

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