Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Home made Ganesh idol | Vinayagar idol | Pillayar idol with Kozhukattai dough

Home made Ganesh/Vinayagar idol, an easy to make ganesh idol at home with the kozhukattai/modak dough. After being inspired  by a  lot of feeds from the social media, here's my take on home made ganesh idol. 

This is such a simple procedure to make ganesh idol with easily available ingredients at home and also its environment friendly. Here i have used two different colors to make it look more vibrant and colorful. 

But you can make without any color also.It's really up to you how you wanna make your ganesh idol. Now let's check out how to make the cute pillayar with kozhukattai dough.

Before check out on how to make Ganesh idol, let's see the FAQs 

How long does it stay good ?
It stays good for about 24 hrs. After that, the dough started to dry out and like a clay idol, it would get some cracks. 
It all depends on the moisture in the dough and humidity in your place. So I would recommend making this idol a couple of hours before doing pooja. 

What do I do with the idol after doing the pooja ?
Next day, I dump the idol in the water and let it dissolve completely and then discard it. You can pour the water over your plants or drainage.

Home made Ganesh idol

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 0 minsMakes :
Recipe Category: Homemade Ganesh Idol | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Homemade Ganesh Idol, Vinayagar Idol using Kozhukattai Maavu, Pillaiyar idol with modak dough, Easy Ganesh Idol Making vinayagar idol at home using kozhukattai/modak dough is super easy and environment friendly also.
Rice flour - 1/2 cup
Boiling hot water - a little less of 1/2 cup
Oil - 1 tsp
Food Color -as needed(optional)

First in a bowl, add the rice flour and oil, mix it well,then pour the boiling hot water and make a soft dough.
Divide the dough to two parts with one part having little extra dough and add few drops of colors(i have used yellow and blue here) into both dough,mix it well until it blends with the dough well.
Make a two balls from the yellow dough with one ball is slightly bigger than the others. Place the larger ball down and on top of it place the small ball, press it gently until it sticks together.Next make the small disc for ears.
Place it on the sides of the top ball. Then for the hands, make a small cylinder from the dough and in the end make a flat surface facing upwards.
Place it on below the ear on left side of pillaiyar, for the other side, make a small cylinder from the dough and in the end make a flat surface facing towards you and place it on below the ear on other side.
Next make small balls as kozhukattai and place it on left hand of pillayar. Then make a another small cylinder and place it on the center between two ears and gently bend it towards kozhukattai.
Next make two cylinders from the blue color and place it like legs on both sides, add a small piece of yellow dough on both ends of legs to make it looks like feet.
Then take a small blue dough and place it as trunk on both sides of the center hand. Finally make discs from both colors and place it on top of the pillar. Make sure the top looks like triangle. For the eyes place mustard on both sides.
I have some leftover dough, so make them as base for the idol and place the ganesh idol on top of it. 

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  • The dough should be smooth and pilable,but at the same time it should be non-sticky too.
  • Oil is must to give that shiny and non sticky texture to the dough
  • You can make this without any color also.
  • If you dough crack, grease your hand with oil and knead the dough well until smooth.
  • If the dough doesn't stick together, using little water on the sides.
  • Within a day or two the dough get dried and like clay idol, it gets some cracks and it starts to fell apart, after that i used to immerse them in the water and let it dissolve completely and discard.


  1. Soooooooooooooo cute I'm loving it

  2. Can u post how to make different idols as well pls. I'm in love with this model

  3. V made it 2dy by seeing ur post..thanku so much...loved it

  4. It’s so cute ... will be trying it ... hw did u get the colours especially blue

    1. Thank you ! I have used the food color in the dough !