Thursday, October 25, 2018

Homemade Rasmalai | Bengali Sweet | Deepavali Sweet

Rasmalai, a delicious indian sweet/dessert made from the indian cottage cheese soaked in thickened & flavored milk(Rabri). 

Rasmalai is ST's favorite sweet, when we were in Bangalore, he bought it often from the little sweet stall on the way back to home from the office. The taste of that rasmalai was heaven, literally melt in mouth and the rabri was so flavorful with lots of nuts and saffron. 

To this day, i never seen him buying any other sweets on his own except rasmalai, that really motivates me to try my hands on this delicious bengali sweet. After a few attempts, i nailed the recipe, it turned out as delicious as i would expected and even ST gives a big thumbs up for every time i make. 

Now this has became one of the our favourite sweets to make at home for every special occasion. 

Rasmalai can be very easily made from the rasgolla, have heard from friends that even haldiram's rasgolla is best for making rasmalai, but i haven't tried it so far, always make my own rasgolla.

If you make everything from the start to finish on one day, you make find it tiresome, so i always make the rasgolla on the first day and let it soak in syrup for atleast a day in the refrigerator and then the next day, i will make the rasmalai. So if you have plan to make them from the scratch, that tip might be helpful. 

Homemade Rasmalai | Begali Sweet | Deepavali Sweet

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Sweet | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Rasmalai, Rasmalai Recipe, Homemade Rasmalai,Bengali Sweet Rasmalai, a delicious indian sweet/dessert made from the indian cottage cheese soaked in thickened and flavored milk(Rabri)
Rasgulla - 15 small
Milk - 2 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Saffron - few strands
Pistachio - 10
Cardamom powder - a pinch 

First take the rasgulla squeeze out the syrup gently and place it on the plate. For the rabri, take the milk in a pan and bring to boil.
In the mean time, soak the saffron in a tbsp of warm milk for few mins. Once the milk comes to boil,reduce the flame to low and add the sugar.
Next add the saffron along withe soaked milk, let the milk boil in low flame for 5-7 mins or until it reduces to about 1/2.
Switch off the flame and add the rasgulla immediately. Finally add the roughly chopped pistachios, let it come to room temperature, then transfer into the bowl and refrigerate for 2-3 hrs before serving.
Tasty Rasmalai is ready. Serve chilled for the best taste ! 

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  • Depends on the size of rasmalai and how much rabri you like to have along with rasmalai, you may need more or less of rabri. 
  • Rasmalai tastes best on next day, give it a good soaking time for best taste.
  • Add good quality of saffron, the saffron flavor makes the all difference.  

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