Friday, July 19, 2019

Mango Kulfi with Mango Pulp | Kulfi Recipe

Mango Kulfi, a rich and creamy frozen summer delight made from the mango and thickened milk. Kulfi is a frozen milk dessert from India, now a days it comes with various flavor and this mango kulfi is one of the famous flavor across India. I had tasted kulfi(store bought) a few times in the past and really loved the creaminess and flavor. It's such a easy & creamy frozen dessert to make without any ice cream machine. Here in today's recipe, i have used kesar mango pulp available in the can, but you can use the fresh mangoes too, but may sure that they are sweet and has less fiber variety. Depends on the sweetness of the mango, you can add more or less of sugar as per your preference.
Though i make popsicle often in summer, i'm not a big fan of any frozen dessert or never once crave for them. Yep that's true, now i can imagine your facial expression while reading this line, it's hard to say it in the public, every time when i say "i don't like ice cream/popsicle", people has that confused look on their face, i can totally understand because i myself never seen any person who don't like ice cream/popsicle outside of my family. As a kid, me and my brother were very prone to colds and got sick often, just like any doctors, our doctor also suggested to avoid frozen dessert and our parents took it very religiously and keep us out of frozen dessert completely. After grew up, i found it too cold for my throat and it hurt, so i stopped having ice creams altogether . That's my story and ice creams!! Now a days I make all these frozen treats for ST only, he is a big frozen dessert lover, like all kind of ice creams and popsicles. I post here only after he approves and gives a big thumbs up !! and for this kulfi he did. Once it's melted, i too had few spoons, it's indeed delicious!!! So, now let's check out the recipe.

Mango Kulfi with Mango Pulp | Kulfi Recipe

Preparation Time : 6 hr | Cooking Time : 15 minsServes :
Recipe Category: Desserts | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Milk - 1 cup
Mango Pulp - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Cardamom -1 
Pistachios - few (for garnishing)

Heat the milk in a sauce pan, let it comes to boil.Add sugar and keep the flame in low and let it simmer for 5 - 7 mins. By that time, the milk should be reduced to about the half.Switch off the flame.Let it cool completely, then crush the cardamom seed and add into it. Next add the mango pulp into it and mix it well.Pour the milk-mango mixture into the kulfi mold/any glass and cover it with foil paper.Keep it in the freezer for 4-6 hrs/overnight. Next day, remove it from the freezer and peel the foil paper.Keep it under running water for few secs and flip it on the any serving plate/bowl.Yummy Mango Kulfi is ready.

  • Adjust the sugar depends on the sweetness of the mango pulp.
  • Kulfi tends to melt very easily, so serve it immediately.
  • Cardamom here is optional, but i highly recommend.
  • Use full fat milk for richness and creaminess.
  • If you have popsicle stick, you can use them too,it will be more easy to unmold them.


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