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Wheat Dosa with leftover Dosa Batter | Gothumai Dosai

Gothumai Dosai, a quick to make dosa with wheat flour and leftover dosa/idli batter. Whenever i have little dosa/idli batter left and it's not enough for us and also doesn't want to make anything elaborate, then my choice would be this wheat dosa or this rava dosa

As i have  the recipe for rava dosa with leftover dosa batter already(It's one of my popular recipe, if you haven't check it out yet, give it a try), today let check out on how to make this quick wheat dosa.

The recipe that i'm sharing today is the basic one without any tempering and spices. But like rava dosa recipe, you can add onion, ginger, chana dal, curry leaves & coriander leaves along with batter for more flavorful dosa. As you all know wheat flour makes slimy dosa, adding dosa batter helps to reduce the sliminess but not completely, so don't except super crispy dosa. 
For this wheat dosa, i had found that the non stick pan works better for evenly spreading the batter without clumping the batter than the iron dosa pan. Currently i don't have non stick pan, so used my iron dosa pan here. 

But if you have non stick dosa pan, definitely use those for thin crispy wheat dosa, had used them in the past and really loved it. Ok, now let's check out the recipe. For wheat dosa recipe without dosa batter, check out here    

Wheat Dosa with leftover Dosa Batter | Gothumai Dosai

Preparation Time : 5 mins | Cooking Time : 15 minsMakes :
Recipe Category: Dosa | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
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Wheat flour - 1/2 cup
Dosa batter - 1/3 to 1/2 cup
Water - as needed
Salt -to taste
Oil - for making dosa

Add wheat flour & salt in a bowl, mix it well, then add the water little by little and make a thick paste without lumps. Using whisk helps to avoid lumps.
Next add the dosa and mix it well. The batter should be in easily pourable consistency.Heat the dosa pan and pour a ladle full of batter and spread it even as quick as possible.
Drizzle some oil on the sides ,cook it till you see brown edges on the side and then flip the dosa and cook it on other side for a min or so. Then remove on to the plate.
Healthy & Tasty Gothumai Dosai is ready. Serve it with sambar & chutney. We had it with peanut chutney & kara chutney.

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  • If your dosa batter is thin add 1/2 cup else 1/3 cup of dosa batter is enough.
  • Make sure to spread the batter as quick as possible otherwise it's stick to the pan and make it hard to spread.
  • For this dosa, non stick dosa pan works better than iron dosa pan.
  • Keep the flame in medium helps to spread the dosa easily.
  • Dosa batter already has salt, so add salt just enough for wheat flour.

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