Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Red Radish Paratha | Pink Radish Paratha

Red Radish Paratha, a delicious and healthy paratha made from wheat flour & grated red/pink radish. Though i already have had the mooli paratha/radish paratha recipe here, today's recipe is quite different from the one that i had shared previously. In today's recipe, the grated radish is mixed with the dough instead of making it as stuffed paratha, so it's super easy to make and even beginners in cooking can try this without any difficulties. 

Usually i buy small red radish to make stir fry and it tastes great with South Indian meals. The idea of making red radish paratha was in mind for a while, so I gave it a try a few months ago and it turned out so pretty and tasted delicious. Even since i have been using small red radish for this paratha but regular red/white radish can also be used in the same way. 

It's been more than 10 days since i have posted a recipe here, though i had the photos for quite a few recipes in hand, somehow i didn't find any motivation to write the recipe and post here. It's easy to succumb to your misery/sadness and being idle without doing anything. 

But it doesn't make anything better, so choose happiness and try to see at least one good thing in the bad situation and move on. So when i woke up today, i was determined to set aside my excuses and post this recipe. Hurray !!!  Finally here it is !! Ok, thank you for reading my rant. Now let's check out how to make this healthy radish paratha.

Red Radish Paratha

Preparation Time : 20 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsMakes : 10 
Recipe Category: Paratha | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Red Radish Paratha,Paratha,Radish Paratha, Easy Paratha Red Radish Paratha, a delicious and healthy paratha made from wheat flour & grated red radish.
Wheat Flour - 2 cups
Red Radish - 10 to 12(small)
Cumin seed - 1 tsp
Coriander leaves - few
Salt - to taste
Water - as needed

First trim the edges of the radish and grate them finely. Next add wheat flour, radish, finely chopped coriander leaves, cumin seed & salt. Mix it well.
Then add the water and make a soft dough. Let it aside for 10 mins. Next make golf sized balls. Dust the flour with flour and roll into thin disc with the help of rolling pin.
Heat the tava, grease with oil and add the rolled dough. When you start seeing small bubbles on the top, flip it over and cook till brown spots appear on both sides. 
Tasty and healthy Red radish parathas are ready. Serve it with your favorite curry, we had it with chana masala.
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  • Grate the radish finely so it blends well with the dough.
  • If radish leaves lot of water after grating, squeeze the excess water and add into the flour.
  • Mix the radish with flour well and then add water little by little to make soft dough.
  • Don't keep the dough for longer hours, it starts to become soggy because of radish nature.
  • I haven't added any spices in this roti, but if you want add 1/2 tsp of red chili powder.