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Thenkuzhal | How to make Thenkuzhal murukku | Diwali Snacks

Thenkuzhal Murukku, one of the traditional diwali snacks made from the rice flour and urad dal flour. It's super crispy and absolutely delicious !! Never can imagine a deepavali without making a murukku at home!! In those days, only during deepavali time, murukku was prepared at home.

While growing up, Amma used to make the murukku at least two or three days before deepavali and the murukku would last for at least a week after diwali. During diwali week, for every meal, i used to eat at least one murukku. Do I need to tell you about the other time? 
Ok, now coming to this thenkuzhal murukku recipe, it's one of the easiest and tastiest snacks that you can prepare at home with pantry basic ingredients. I often make this at home as our evening snacks and when i'm making a list of recipes to post here for this year diwali , i was shocked to know that i haven't shared this recipe so far. 

So this was the first recipe that I had prepared for this year's diwali post !!! Let 's check out on how to make the super crispy thenkuzhal murukku and if you're beginner, do check out the below FAQs  

Here are some basic FAQ about murukku

Why is it called Thenkuzhal ?
When you break this murukku, you can see a small hole running throughout and it seems like a  pulankuzhal(a music instrument)  hole. It's the most common reason that I have heard for the name "Thenkuzhal" 

Why did my murukku break into oil ?
If the dough doesn't have enough moisture in it, the murukku breaks easily in the oil and also it breaks while squeezing the dough. So add a little more water in the dough.

Why is my murukku not crispy ?
If the oil is too hot, then the outer turns darker easily and it won't be crispy. Cook it in the medium flame for the whole process helps to get crispy murukku

Why is my murukku hard?
It doesn't have enough fat in it. Butter used in the murukku helps to keep the murukku crispy and as light.

Does the murukku burst in the oil?
Chances are there!!
  1.  If the dry ingredients like rice flour and any other flour used in the recipe has any big granules. So make sure to sieve all the flour once before making dough
  2. Once all the dough is squeezed, don't tempt to roll the left over dough into seedai and fry. It has the chance to burst.
Why does my murukku have a dark color or not as white as the store bought?
There are 2 reasons why murukku became dark in color.
  1. Adding too much of urad dal makes the murukku become darker easily
  2. Cooking for a longer time even after the "Shh" sound stops.
Ok, hope i have answered the basic FAQ about murukku!! 

How to make Thenkuzhal murukku

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 20 minsServes : 20 
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Thenkuzhal, How to make Thenkuzhal, Thenkuzhal murukku,Savory Snacks, Diwali Snacks, Deepavali Sancks Thenkuzhal Murukku, a crunchy, delicious and traditional savory snack made from the rice flour and urad dal.
Rice flour - 2 cups
Urad dal flour - 1/4 cup
Butter - 3 tbsp
Sesame seed - 1/2 tsp
Cumin seed - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Water - as needed
Oil - for deep frying

First in a bowl, add rice flour, urad dal flour, sesame seed, cumin seed and oil. Mix it well. Then add the room temperature butter and mix it well with the flour.
Next add water little by little and make a soft dough. 
Take the murukku press and add a three hole disc in it, fill 3/4 of the press with the dough and close it with lid.
Heat the oil for deep frying. Squeeze the dough in a circle on to the small plate/ flat laddle as show in fig below. Once the oil is heated(to check the oil temperature, add a pinch of dough, it should come up immediately) add the pressed murukku dough
Add more depends on the oil level and cooking vessel. Let it cook on medium flame.
Once the 'shh' sound stops and the shh sound stops and the murukku floats without any bubbles around it, remove from the oil and place it on tissue paper. Do the same for the remaining dough.
Tasty and crispy murukku is ready. 

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  • It stays well for up to 10 days at room temperature
  • Dont reduce the amount of butter used in the recipe
  • This murukku doesn't absorb lot of oil, but if you're making it in larger batch, make sure to top up the oil in need

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