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Kai Murukku | Suthu Murukku | Deepavali Recipe

Kai Murukku/ Suthu murukku, a traditional south indian savory snack made from rice flour. They are super crunchy and absolutely delicious. More than a snack, i can easily say that making kai murukku is an art and also a labor of love.

I haven't seen anyone making kai murukku in person so far, but after watching few youtube videos, really amazed by the talent of those people who makes this  kai murukku effortlessly and since then i have been wanting to make this on my own!  

So after watching lot of videos and few attempts of trying at home, now somehow i can make decent looking kai murukku, not as good as commercial ones, but still kind of feel satisfied for my maiden effort.  
I'm not gonna lie that making this muruku is easy for beginners, but after a few trials of making on my own, i have learnt few things to make it little easy . 

Here they are, first the dough should be as smooth as butter,for that both rice batter and the flours(both urad dal and fried dal) should be fine. 

Second the dough should be easily pilable, neither too stiff nor too loose such that you can make twist & turns with dough easily. 

Third, make it in small quantity, since we don't make this regularly like commercial vendors, after making few, there may be light pain/discomfort in your hand because of that twists & turns.

 And lastly, if you can't make this kai murukku, don't worry, fill your murukku press with the same dough and squeeze like ordinary murukku.
Though it's looking so cute in person, i couldn't do justice with the photos here. The day that i had made this, the weather here was so gloomy, so i waited for double of  days to get decent final pictures, but even  after a few days, the weather here was not getting better(michigan climate, you know :-)) and also we couldn't wait further to taste(though we had tasted few),so went ahead and took the pictures and here i'm with the post. 
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Kai Murukku | Suthu Murukku | Deepavali Recipe

Preparation Time : 2 hrs | Cooking Time : 30 minsMakes : 20 
Recipe Category: Snacks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Kai murukku, Suthu Murukku, Murukku Recipe, Deepavali Recipe Kai Murukku/ Suthu murukku, a traditional south indian savory snack made from rice flour.
Idli Rice - 1 cup
Urad dal flour - 1/4 cup
Dalia Powder / Pottukadalai maavu - 2 tbsp
Sesame seed - 1 tsp
Butter - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste
Oil - for frying.

First soak the idli rice for  3 hrs, then put it into the blender along with little water and grind them into smooth thick batter.
Next place the kitchen towel in a bowl and pour the rice batter into it and cover them with kitchen towel on all side, set it aside for 20-30 mins.
After 20 mins, the excess water from the rice batter is all absorbed by the cloth and make a smooth dough. Transfer that rice dough into a bowl and add all the other ingredients expect the oil for frying.
Mix it all well together and form a nice smooth dough. Take a small ball of dough in your hand and make few twist and turns in your hand first. Here i have used butter paper as base to make kai murukku, later it will be helpful to transfer into laddle for frying.
And then slowly make the murukku shape with twist and turn motion around the small cap(it's used to make make circle in the center) . It's really hard to explain in words, so please refer the video for better understanding.
Once you finished making the murukku, remove the center cap, do the same for all the dough.
Heat the oil for frying. Gently transfer the murkku on to the back of the laddle by flipping the butter paper over the ladle. 
Gently drop into the hot oil and cook on low flame.
And also i have made few kai murukku without the center hole too. 
Once the "Shh" sound ceases and the murukku turned into golden brown color, remove from the oil and place it on tissue paper.
Let it cool completely and store them in air tight container.  Crispy and tasty kai murukku is ready.

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  • The dough should be smooth, so that it will be easy to make twist and turn. 
  • If the dough breaks and you can make twist and turns easily, add little more water into the dough and make it as smooth.
  • The rice batter should be as smooth as butter.
  • For pottukadalai powder, put them in mixie jar and grind them into fine powder, sieve it once and use it.
  • Place the rice batter on the kitchen towel helps to remove the excess water, if you're grinding the rice batter in wet grinder without adding much water, it may not be required. But here i have used mixie to grind the rice batter, it's not possible to grind the rice batter as smooth as butter without adding little extra water in the mixie, so i have place them in kitchen cloth to remove excess water. 
  • Cook the murukku in low flame for even cooking and coloring, other wise you may get dark spots in few places.

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