Saturday, April 28, 2018

Paneer Soda | Rose Soda | Summer Drinks

Paneer Soda, a refreshing aerated drink with rose flavor. "Paneer" in tamil means rose flavored water, i guess the word "paneer" comes from the rose name(paneer rose) and the water made from that paneer rose(we call it as simply "Paneer") is used extensively for abishekam in the temples and also in marriages and other ceremonies where it is sprinkled on people's head to welcome them.
Nowadays, you can see the small fan in the entrance of many marriage hall, that sprinkle paneer over the people while entering the marriage hall. Yeah, it's totally different from the paneer, the Indian cottage cheese and no way related to that.
While grew up, i had this belief in my mind that the paneer flavor(aka rose flavor) is only for abhisekam and welcoming people and it's not edible. I don't know how i got this idea, may be because elders in our family warned many times "don't put it in your mouth" when they asked us to buy paneer for abhisekam or any temple festival.

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They may warned us because it's artificially flavored and has lot of chemicals in it, but in my mind, it was craved like "rose flavor is not edible", how weird is that?? So for very long time, i had hard time to enjoy anything with rose flavor, still i do some times. Even today i prefer cardamon flavored gulab jamun over the rose flavored ones. 

Ok, enough with my stories, let's move on to today's recipe. This paneer soda is the most popular aerated drink that you can see in many road side shops in South Tamilnadu. Now it's available in ready to use bottle also, last time, during my india visit, i had one such bottle near Tiruchendur Murugan temple, don't know whether it's available all over Tamilnadu or not. 

But, If you like rose flavor, then i'm sure that you would go crazy for this drink, one time, i made this drink for one of my friends who loves rose flavor like anything and she keep on praising me for introducing this drink to her till today

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Paneer Soda

Preparation Time : 2 mins | Cooking Time : 5 minsServes : 4  
Recipe Category: Summer Drinks | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Paneer soda, Rose flavored soda, summer drink,tamilnadu special Paneer Soda, a refreshing aerated drink with rose flavor.Perfect as summer drink
Rose essence - 1/4 tsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Water - 1/2 cup
Soda - as needed
Ice cubes - few

First let's make sugar syrup, take the sugar in a sauce water and add the water into it. Turn the heat on and bring to boil.Once the sugar dissolves completely, switch off the flame and let it cool completely.
Then add the rose essence into the sugar syrup and stir it well. Tada, your rose syrup is ready. Take a serving glass, pour 1/4 of the glass with rose syrup.
For the remaining, fill it up with soda and finally add few ice cubes. Simple & aromatic Paneer soda is ready. Serve it immediately.For more summer drink and popsicle recipe, check out here
  • Pour the soda just before serving. Otherwise the soda would be flat.
  • Depends on how flavorful you want the soda, you can add more or less of rose essence in the sugar syrup.
  • Sugar syrup is enough for making 4 small servings.


  1. It’s now available even in mumbai , Sandhya ! My husband was a huge fan of this during his childhood day and was pleasantly pleased to
    See it in a packaged drink format here . Lovely clicks especially considering it’s clear water

  2. Such a refreshing soda there, simply love this drink. Makes me nostalgic as this drink was my all time favourite whenever i go to my grandma's village. That goli paneer soda, brings me so many beautiful memories.

    1. Yep, trying out the street food brings out so many beautiful memories, Priya.

  3. For a moment I thought paneer as in the Indian cheese, paneer and I was stunned. But I realized that it is the tamil 'paneer' and settled down :). I am sure it is a very refreshing one.

    1. Haha.. yep, many are confused by the name :-) Thanks Harini

  4. Wow ! That’s a lovely recipe ! All this while I was wondering on this paneer .. never knew it was a Tamil name for Rose ! I have always loved this drink and normally use the rose syrup , but this looks fantastic , just like soda wAter - plain , simple no artificial colour . Awesome !

    1. Thanks Vaishali. Yes, Paneer rose is a type of rose, especially used to prepare rose water !!!

  5. Guess what Sandhiya, Paneer soda is now reviving again. I had it Gunaseelam and Trichy too. Making it at home sounds interesting. We can control the amount of soda. Thanks for sharing. Both amma and I love this and glad I can make this at home now. :-)

  6. That is such a refreshing and delicious soda Sandhiya. Never thought rose flavor can be used in aerated drinks. But sounds like it will quite a hit. Will have to try it some time.

  7. One of my favorite.. When ever i visit tirunelveli , Me and hubby makes a point to carry a big box of paneer soda!!

  8. Very interesting name.. never heard rose water calls paneer.. interesting drink.

  9. We do get this ready in goli soda bottles all over Tamilnadu and I used to love it a lot. Making it at home is really wonderful and I am sure it was amazing.

  10. I literally thought there would be paneer in this drink, silly me. I love anything with rose flavors. Such refreshing drink.

  11. When I first read the name paneer....I thought what??? Then on reading the post realized its not the paneer paneer you're talking about but the fragrant paneer. I've had rose flavored soda at some Muslim friends wedding receptions. It tastes awesome and so refreshing.

  12. Love your clicks, so beautifully captured! is so difficult to click drinks and you always have done so well!..Kudos..coming to the drink I am sure this is so refreshing in this hot summer!..very nice pick!

  13. Oh wow This is my favorite childhood drink , I love drinking these in glass bottles and also the goli soda . So true few people get confused and think paneer means cottage cheese..I still remember going to tamil kalyanams when they welcome us with paneer in the entrance...Coming to your paneer soda such an easy to make and delicious rose flavored soda !! Wonderful captures sandhiya :)

  14. This is my favorite thing to drink when I go back to our village near Mayiladuthurai. My patti would buy a large crate and have it ready even before we land. My dad still does the same when we go back. I too make it exactly the same way at home these days. Lovely recipe!

  15. Paneer soda captured very lovely.

  16. Oh wow! This is one of my favorite drinks.Love to have chilled paneer soda in summer. Beautiful clicks Sandhiya.

  17. oh my this paneer soda has so much memory attached to it!!! Superb share dear!! Lovely clicks!