Monday, April 17, 2017

Home made Coriander Powder | Coriander Powder | Indian Spice Powder

Coriander powder is one of the few ingredients that you must need in Indian Cooking. Now a days, you can find coriander powder in almost every grocery store.But i like to make my batch of coriander powder at home for the past one year.When we were in India, i never brought any spice powder like chili powder, sambar powder and coriander powder from stores. Amma always make big batch of all these and pass it to me.After moving to US, initially i brought it from stores and tried various brands,but i'm not satisfied with any of those brands.First they are available in large packs(minimum 200gms,yep it's more for 2 people) and it lost it's flavor just after few weeks.Home made coriander powder also lost its flavor over the time,but not as quick as store brought ones.So i had started to make coriander powder on my own in little batches for our need.If you have good blender,then it's very easy to make & also it's so fresh and more aromatic than any store brought coriander powder. 

Home made Coriander Powder

Preparation Time : 15 mins | Cooking Time : 5 minsMakes : 1 cup 
Recipe Category: Spice Powder | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Coriander seed - 1 cup or as needed

Heat a kadai in medium flame and add the required coriander seed and roast it on medium flame.Once the coriander seed becomes aromatic and also slightly becomes brown in color,switch off the flame and let it cool.When the coriander seed is still warm,add it into the blender/mixie jar and grind in medium speed for 2 mins, you will get coarse coriander powder at this stage.To get fine powder, again run the blender in medium speed for 1 to 1 1/2 mins,you will get fine coriander powder.That's it, Home made fresh and aromatic coriander powder is ready.Store it in air tight container for long shelf life.
  • Sieve it once,if needed.
  • Roast till aromatic is most important to get flavorful powder.
  • Instead of dry roasting, you can use sun dried coriander seeds also.
  • Don't let the coriander seed cool completely.
  • Grind the coriander seed still it's warm,it helps to get fine powder.

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