Friday, May 26, 2017

Home made Rose milk Popsicle | Rose Milk Popsicle

Rose milk popsicle, an another easy popsicle that you can make this on summer. In my childhood days, i was quite fond of rosemilk and in those days, we didn't have rose essence in home at all, we used to buy this from nearby sweet stalls,yeah, in sweet stalls, they sell rose milk & puffs on summer days. Still i remember that it would be available around 11 am every day and i would be sold out before 11.30 itself. So we were literally waiting for time to tick 11 and went there with thooku(silver utensil) to buy rosemilk. And this popsicle is just a frozen version of rose milk, so if you like rose milk, then surely you would love this.

Rose Milk Popsicle

Preparation Time : 8 hrs | Cooking Time : 10 minsMakes :
Recipe Category: Popsicle | Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Milk -1 & 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/4 cup
Rose essence - few drops
Pink food color - few drops

In pan, add the milk & sugar and bring to boil, once it comes to boil, switch off the flame and let it cool completely.Once it completely cooled, add the essence & food color and mix it well.Pour the rose milk into popsicle mould and let it freeze for 6 to 8 hrs.That's it, Your home made Rose milk Popsicle is ready.
  • Cool it completely before adding essence & color.
  • Instead of freezing, you can keep it in refrigerator for few hours and have it as rose milk.
  • I keep it overnight to freeze.
  • To remove the popsicle ,keep the popsicle mold under the running water for 2 mins, then remove it,it will easily come out easily.

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