Tuesday, July 23, 2019

South Indian Lunch Ideas | Lunch Menu Series (6-10)

In the continuation of lunch menu series, here is the another 5 set of lunch platter that we often make them at home. If you haven't check out the previous post here is the link, do check out, it has some awesome lunch platter too.

Lunch Menu - 6
Mullangi sambar has unique taste and flavor compared to other sambar varieties, so in our home, we make sambar only with mullangi(raddish) often. So i have included that in my lunch series.
 Lunch Menu -7
Another favorite lunch platter, vatha kuzhambu is our family favorite, not only it's tasty, it has medicinal properties that cures mild stomach disorders too.
 Lunch Menu - 8 
Another favorite combo(Yeah, i know, keep on saying this for every menu :-)), often prepare it for lunch box too.  Such a delicious combo from my native city,Tirunelveli
 Lunch Menu -9 
This combo is our go to menu for one day trip or any temple visit when we were in India. As the spices are all roasted and powdered fresh for this sambar, it stays good for longer time without get spoiled on high temperature too, so we often prefer this for road/train journey.Another typical Tirunelveli food.
 Lunch Menu -10
Our typical ammavasai lunch menu. Appa has been observing this day ever since i have known and amma prepare this kind of lunch spread on every month without fail just like her MIL(my aachi). Usually it includes rice with puli/kara kulambu, katti paruppu, one poriyal, aviyal , one pachadi along with payasam and appalam.

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