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Navarathri/Navarati is a nine day festival focused on the goddesses of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Durga. In Tamilnadu, during navratri season, people used to keep Gollu. The miniature dolls of gods,goodness, animals, peoples are arranged in wooden/steel steps and decorated in creative ways. Every morning and evening of these nine days, pooja and prasadam will be offered and in the evening, people invite their friends and families to visit their gollu and offer the same prasadam.

During this festival, sundal varieties are the common prasadam prepared on each day. Along with the sundal, some simple sweets and rice varieties are also prepared. So,here I have shared a collection of sundal, variety rice,vadai and payasam recipes that are prepared during this festival season. To see the detailed recipe, click on that particular image. Happy Pooja days to all those who celebrate.

Sundal Varieties

Payasam & Vadai recipes

Variety Rice Recipes

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